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At plus one so looks like tiger


To play in the first one nothing in Winnipeg against the jets well Tiger Woods back on the course today at the genesis invitational the second round at Riviera Country Club in Pacific palisades Matt coucher is your second round leader east nine under through fifteen holes Tiger Woods prior to sixty nine yesterday came back with a seventy three today news plus two on the day even through two rounds the cut the projected cut lines at at plus one so looks like tiger we'll be moving ahead to the weekend well the hot the the basketball hall of fame class of twenty twenty is a star studded field April fourth during the final four they will announce the finalists are the announced the actual hall of fame class the finalists were announced today in the late Kobe Bryant is on the list to me can Catchings Tim Duncan Kevin Garnett Eddie Sutton Kim Mulkey whose Baylor's head coach and barber Stevens who also was a coach on the list as well as Rudy Tomjanovich couple minor notes

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At plus one so looks like tiger

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