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Boston: The Friends of Salem Public Library launch operation Poseidon Fountain


The Salem public libraries libraries raising raising money money to to restore restore its its a a Greek Greek god god Poseidon Poseidon leases leases general general hostels hostels as as a a brass brass fountain fountain made made in in the the eighteen eighteen hundreds hundreds is is at at risk risk of of being being lost lost to to history history down down to to the the Salem Salem public library you'll notice well looks like a giant white tee pee that's not what it is rather it's a covering protecting a cast iron sounds in made in the eighteen fifties it has generated a lot of curiosity library director Tara Mansfield says the fountain with the Greek god Poseidon holding a try in and stepping on a large fish has fallen into disrepair over the past sixty years this is one of the few cast iron fountain said survival rolled over to scrap iron Purcell living so it's a really rare and historic artifact grants have already raised a hundred and eighteen thousand dollars of the quarter million needed for full restoration public donations can be made in person or on the library's website

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Boston: The Friends of Salem Public Library launch operation Poseidon Fountain

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