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Take people out of these places that are not conducive to their health with the needles and feces and urine and crime and all kinds of things and put them in a place that is much more healthy place where they can get three meals a day with a shower we don't have to worry about bathroom facilities more importantly he said they need to be in places where they can get the kind of healthcare and wrap around services that will get them out of that situation Carson has been in talks with LA mayor Eric Garcetti and county supervisor Katherine Barker he said they all have different resources they can bring to the table to make that happen with the federal government to looking at federal lands it may be able to offer up but he did not offer a timeline of when that may materialize in Long Beach Margaret Carrero can extend seventy newsradio surprises in the Long Beach area on Valentine's morning some people answering their doors did not find a dozen roses on the porch what they found was a bunch of law enforcement officers serving search warrants who ended up arresting a total of twelve people including three juveniles in fact the juveniles were picked up in connection with the number of shooting incidents that left two people dead and seventeen wounded Long Beach police chief Robert Luna we search twenty four different locations the operation involved LAPD the sheriff's department county probation and the state department of corrections and they hit locations from Long Beach to LA to Norwalk and paramount they even search some prison cells in jail cells the chief though was skeptical the justice would be served in the case of the three juveniles and see if they're going to be held accountable for basically ruining the lives of nineteen different people the shootings took place over the a past couple of months in Long Beach John Baird K. an ax ten seventy news radio traffic update four minutes away is to add a lot of.