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The Movie 'Rudy' vs. The Actual Rudy



Ryan. I imagine most people listening to this have scene Rudy. Yes but for those who have not who apparently Do not have cable. Television during the holidays grew up in the Soviet you couldn't have seen it. We'll we'll recap for them briefly Rudy is a story of Rudy Ruediger. Play by Sean Astin. He is a small kid from the Mid West. He spent his whole life dreaming of playing football football for Notre Dame. He tries and fails multiple times. Transfers to the school. Walks on Makes Vince Vaughn. Young Vince Vaughn very angry and the versions various things So he doesn't make the dress for any of the Games during his senior year and he quits but then his friend the head groundskeeper at Notre Dame fortune who. I'm pretty sure it's a composite character. I can fix that. It's not pretty sure it's one hundred percent sure. So he convinces him to return to the team gives a great speech So really does his and he is greeted by his teammates and Ryan. What happens next? Well you're missing a couple of slow collapse controls. Dutton Charles us to claps and a team along flat and then He dresses is teammates. Throw their jerseys down. Dan Devine's desk. I won't Rudy on on the roster. He makes the dress list and he gets in for three. Plays possible as the rudy chant. Cascades down from New Rodney's bleachers and they inserted into game one for a a horribly play kickoff coverage and then he almost has a sack on his first play from scrimmage does have a sack on his last play and third ever play and is carried off feel about his teammates to the chant Stewart. Together it was much better than what we just did. The first first time you saw rudy the movie. I'm older than you are. I saw rudy in the theater. I was in college and I think it was what WH- fall of ninety three and saw with my roommates and the interesting thing was we're students at the University of Tennessee. We had just been to Notre Dame for the first time all of us. We drove up to south southbound from Knoxville for a game and so what was amazing about watching. The movie is is just stadium. Had not changed the Tom Rudy. was there in the early seventies all the way up through the early nineties really all the way up until about five or six years ago. The stadium itself did not change at all. The scoreboard was the same. The old wooden bench seats that knute rockne installed old you know in the Nineteen Twenties Thirties. There were still in the stadium. Notre Dame is a divisive topic regardless whether good or bad and now this movie comes out and the hilarious thing about that movie was people love the movie and a lot of them would not admit it because it was about. I'm leaving but I also feel like I've watched rudy three hundred times especially around Christmas time always on cable and it's like one of the few things the family can agree on is just it's a great story. It is a college football equivalent equivalent of the miracle on ice or any underdog story so the movie is released in Nineteen ninety-three but that's not the only thing that that enters the public. I the Real Ridi Ruediger starts to make appearances to promote film is stories about obstacles of life. It's about people striving to succeed. It's about people saying people saying to him. You can't be this and you can't be that you can't have this job. Experts about or you can come in Notre Dame play football. I have the most traditional story the most biggest fantasy and it came through rudy is now seventy one years old. He lives in Henderson Nevada. Just outside Las Vegas. You flew out to meet him this summer. What was that like? It was an out of body experience which is tired phrase. But that's exactly how I felt and you walk up in your mind. You're kind of looking for Sean Sean. Astin and then you realize oh no wait this older gentleman in the Notre Dame windbreaker. That's the gum looking for wearing. Notre Dame windbreaker. Yeah in his official reason reason for that was awarded this so that you'll be able to recognize me. No this is. Hey there's rudy sitting there but what I've learned sense is that He pretty much wears that all the time. I I think people have their own idea about what he's like based on the movie but what does he really likes. He's rough around the edges. He's not as polished as you. Maybe expect a guy who makes his living as a motivational speaker be worries. We'll play in Ohio state man. You're coming in I'm bringing you. We're going to show the movie to the boys. Ace said all right Notre Dame movies. Don't worry about it as shit. This is not gonNA work. He drops off bombs. He calls everybody coach which he calls the waitress at the coffee. Bean coach where you WanNa go coach. Talk to you. There's June. He calls the song coach. He called me coach. He doesn't so much at some point. You start mimicking it. Not The president like talking to a friend of yours of the British accent. You start talking with British accent. I started calling about a coach by the end of the day. And I get where people might be rubbed the wrong way by Rudy but if you really listen to him he's got that infectious smile and it's just a storyteller he starts telling stories. You end up just being mesmerized by

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