Bowl Games 2019-20: Schedule and Predictions for Top Upcoming Games


We're talking ball games he's around March here I'm Susan Burke as we want to know what you think about any and all ball games were talking red box ball because the fighting Illini our plane in the red box full talk or text three one two five nine one eighty nine hundred now as we're talking about rob just even going to a big ten game as it is is so much fun so much going on that date you can't see from the TV so to speak and while a bowl game in the bay area sounds like fun to me I I just want everyone to know that I did lobby to get us out of the red box full wasn't quite in the budget maybe next year exactly maybe next year but I I did try and try well it we make the Rose Bowl next year and they they've they've got a Serra send us folks there I think so they were you know like you said a lot of fun things going on and she's there's no shortage of of things that the the fighting line I have been involved in since the touch down the other day in San Francisco I know they've had a lot of fun Brian Barnhart was telling us when he joined us earlier voice of a line I basketball and football for that matter they bend Alcatraz and they've been doing charitable work all sorts of stuff sounds like you're having a children's hospitals yeah and you know I also want to mention that the Dallas Mavericks are taking on the Golden State Warriors tonight why do I say that because the fighting line I will be there they're gonna go enjoy the basketball game tonight as well that's right that's right they are going to go see that game I think you know just from an outsider's point of view I I think that's a great way to take these players minds off of the fact that they've got a huge nationally televised game yes coming up when they take on cal of course again you can catch right here on WLS AMA ninety ends look a whole lot of stuff going on out in the bay area I absolutely I mean first of all it wouldn't be a game without a pep rally right no I hadn't the twenty nine th the first bowl of men open to fans is the pep rally redbox bowl pep rally that's at noon at Justin Herman plaza and Market Street that's a famous street in San Francisco it's free and it's public and a chance for fans to have a great time middle of the later on in the evening at least I'll dare in on on the west coast that is the bowl bash at the bay that again will be open to the public in that it'll be it'll be a good time at some located at oracle park now I'm not sure exactly where that you want that's twenty four Willie Mays plaza that's good for the giants play I have a baseball team so that'll be that'll be fun and and you know the the good times continue to roll on the the following morning well they do that's the game day run club so that happens there actually embarking from embark could there plaza I think I said that correctly and the guys are staying at the Hyatt regency and so they're gonna run on over to the where all the action is happening the run is open to everyone it's four miles so you have to be ambitious to join in that activity well I think it's important to to give a little bit of history of this game date run club it's actually hosted by you'll vie athletic director Josh women he threw this out on social media a while ago didn't know how would go but he's a fat guy he played at the university of Illinois and now he's the athletic director down there in Champaign so sorry I wanted to go for a run on game day he does it every morning prior to the games and the next thing you know as is usually the case with social media this thing catches fire so all the sudden people started running with him so this is the game day run again brought to you by the athletic director Josh women who was just just very very passionate not only about the football team you know which he played on which just anything involving a line I sports he's he's front and center cheering them on so that'll be fun Embarcadero plaza a huge tour stop in San Francisco so that'll be it'll be fun to watch get the people's feedback on on how that goes well right in place with that run and that's a stress reliever you know much like the guys traveling to Alcatraz and going to the game tonight and all of that it's a stress reliever but you can't stay too late at all the pregame activities if you're gonna run for my word to the wise there's also a pre game party looks like I'm the game day at ten AM yeah so that'll be a good time as well and you know as we said that we think that we think that tell you my fans are gonna be out there in full force the they travel well and in that you know nothing like going through a bit of some lean years to make a G. P. people's interest and get out there and support you're fighting a lot of little be fun three one two five nine one eighty nine hundred if you got a prediction on the red box bowl again as the fighting Illini face the California golden bears or you know any of the any of the bowl games still yet to come in fact one E. is under way it is the peach bowl chick fillet people that is between the top rank LSU Tigers and the fourth ranked Oklahoma Sooners and I think Justin said he pretty made a bold prediction he said that Ellis you wearing fifty up on the Sooners I think this game at least is the way it's playing out right now is going to be a little bit closer than predicted Ellis you just scored it's still in the first quarter you're about ready to go up fourteen seven on the Sooners the but the big one tonight in in our minds Susan second ranked Ohio state at thirteen and no big ten this year taking on three Clemson that's going to be a that's gonna be a big match up it's going to be big and like you said a lot of these these games today really too close to call our I I don't even think he the experts know exactly who's gonna win who's gonna who's gonna make it yeah I I just don't you know the so called the so called experts they didn't really do much by Illinois this year with some other point spreads and how they kind of I guess disrespected them I would like to say well Shalom right exactly so yeah again the marquee matchup is going to be is is going to be huge and it just kind of a little bit of a history of claims and and Ohio state the Ohio state they've got they've got a little bit on the line here not just the fact that they want to win and go on to the national championship but the last time they faced constant was back in two thousand sixteen it was new year's eve out in Glendale Arizona Clemson crush them thirty one to nothing in urban Meyer said after the game not only do we embarrass ourselves in Paris the whole state of Ohio well our you got that right yeah and this is one of their first appearances in this poll are college football playoff to have their own my time I'm talking about Oklahoma part yeah I know that's okay yeah no we're do where does did send stuff to keep track of these days but look that's gonna be a good game of the one that's going on right now is Ellis you and Oklahoma hi you know it's just in these teams are so evenly matched we talked about it earlier I don't think it's you know overstating its when you say that I really like the top four teams this year and as they kinda you know get get themselves into that national championship of formation I think it's some we want to go with I think it'll be Ellis you're not really going out on a limb here because they're also even the match I think it'll be Ellis you and climbs in in the championship game just we think you're racing around so somebody thank I'm going with Justin we have I said I know but just since our fabulous producer he is just a few more minutes to go here wanna thank Brian Barnhart he joined us earlier he calls the games for the university of Illinois does football and basketball which by the way you can also hear basketball on WLS AM eight ninety and just really looking forward to the weekend to the game absolutely and we have basketball tomorrow right we do skip all tomorrow tomorrow night and other well Hey we're talking we're we're in need deep in football talking red box full everybody's so excited that we're going bowling we're going bowling for the first time since twenty fourteen and we're all excited about that and you can hear both football and basketball right here on WLS AM eight ninety pregame started to write does yeah warm the fans are going to warm the faithful examines so that's the time to tune in yeah definitely that's definitely the time to tune in and and then we have more sports programming for you and full coverage of your fighting Alaina North Carolina agency there you go that's to start though I for some reason I have to start time mixed up one o'clock so the pre game will be a little bit in advance of that and you know since Brian is out in San Francisco I think a good friend Scott Beatty who join us on the show before you might be doing the call of this game I don't know but I I think you might and we'll get on him because it's so it should be decent game and then you just touching on basketball briefly since we we started talking about it then after this game against North Carolina agency of finding a line I really get into the bulk of the big ten schedule after the first of the year on January second more specifically they take on Michigan state Purdue Wisconsin writers northwestern that's an instance big ten team then they played two again Michigan Minnesota Iowa and then you know then it's obviously it's conference schedule so it'll be interesting to see they they're off to a good start as well they are they absolutely are and how we should thanks god also for his contributions and helping us out during football season yeah yeah well he's he is good and he falls in on a daily basis and really knows the ins and outs of a few of our football and I wanna call amount for predicting that you know you know I was gonna we were all day we were all depressed at one point in the season it was kind of a roller coaster season has we've touched upon and he did he did say the vibe down here is not good he did say that yeah well if is down in champagne right right my special thanks first of all to Justin we only who's helped out with the shows yes we did two during the bye weeks this season and then this one leading into the red box ball again two o'clock pregame on WLS AM eight ninety on Monday as the fighting a line I get set to take on the cal bears twenty one oh six and six cal bears seven five on the season

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