Bradley Whitford Plays The Field

The Frame


My guest for the entire show is actor Bradley Whitford. He's probably best known for starring starring in the West Wing and doing some bad things in a basement in get out more. Recently he was in transparent and Topi drama the handmaid's Tale now how he starring in a broad NBC Sitcom called perfect harmony. And if it sounds like a big departure that was intentional I was sort of looking to do. Do a comedy. I've been doing a lot of dark stuff I wanted to get out of Gilead for a time. I talked with Brad Whitford before a live audience at KPCC's recent open house in perfect harmony Whitford plays a character who's very close to the show's creator. Leslie Flee Wake Webster Leslie. Had this story about her grandfather at the end of his life he was very pretentious. Kind of snooty eastern coastal dude. A WHO ended up at the end of his life kind of stock in Kentucky where she is from any ended up finding real joy and and nourishment working in this little church that he thought he didn't WanNa have anything to do with and that was sort of basis of it and I was looking for something to do in in these insane. Polarized Times that put radically different people together and and sort of transcended it in a non preachy way with humor. And this has this added element of Music Zik.

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