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From 2018: Don Imus signs off


Of Matt Moore to to radio legend don Imus passed away yeah I guess I guess went into the hospital on Christmas Eve with some illness and didn't work out don Imus is been a talk show host not only in New York but nationally for years and you know for those of you that that may not remember I I guess he got he had made a a derogatory comment about the Rucker's ladies basketball team yeah yeah when they were awake their last big run under under C. Vivian stringer he yeah made me kind of an off color reference right yeah there was an ad cost them at the time his position I was at our at our sister station WFAA yeah and but Hughes around a long long time was one of them when I first started doing morning drive radio in New York he was one of my mentors because you know not doing morning drives difficult if you're not used to getting up at three o'clock in the morning no doubt and and don Imus had a heck of a history it's a really interesting history at a road full of bumps along the way but at seventy nine years of age in in Texas I believe right yeah down at the I think the Baylor Medical Center was was where he will in Waco Texas Waco Texas yes Sir so rest in peace don Imus radio legend not only in New York City but on a national basis on TV every morning to on different networks were for a long long time Paul deanno is the giants beat reporter on that a very sister station of ours the fan WFAN did you ever run a nine is full sure there yeah he was a very unique character yeah you know and to be honest there were those who didn't care for humor right I didn't care for his temper but if you have the intellect to understand his weight and his genius because he truly was a genius there was a lot easier to appreciate him I I never had any run ins of negativity with you know so I I you know I can only say my short experiences with them when I did run into him with the studio on occasion will always very professional and he didn't he didn't do anything they don't make it toward me so my experiences with god yeah my the easier way he's a legend hall of Famer and it's very sad news very sad news just a couple of days past Christmas we lose a don Imus Imus in the morning does seventy nine

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