Wall Street numbers Were Pretty Spectacular For Investors In 2019, Can We Expect A Repeat?


Includes Wall Street where the numbers were pretty spectacular for investors can we expect a repeat in twenty twenty joining us live the namesake Tony trick breaking SO seats on WTMJ morning Tony happy new year good morning here in our area we're doing good it will be hard for Wall Street to match what it did in twenty nineteen investors I'm sure would like to see a repeat but is that realistic I don't think that's realistic we should expect a little bit of a slow down it was such a phenomenal year was the bask in about six years for actionably away from the basket much longer than that so can be pretty unrealistic little one of those slow there are probably a slowdown in corporate earnings but still anticipating a good year but hard to be what we saw last year only one of the worst we always hear is correction yeah that's always a big scary Warner and I think we we talk about a lot more meat when we talk I was about to have been a long term outlook you really have to be aware of your brain if you're a retiree getting really close to retirement might be a good partner yeah I think about you know just your risk a little bit taken from your grants off the table for a lot of us that are still working a ways away from retirement we can't worry about the short term volatility long term you're going to do really well state last name say Tony Drake from Drake in associates joining us live on W. T. M. J. yeah it's hard for people I think your your condition as an investor when you're younger to be a little more aggressive and watch the big swings it's great when the market goes up big time it's tough to watch it go down in and you take that hit but as you get older she when the news is good on Wall Street you go to your thing is on your app you looking go all I didn't make any money today that's because you're not taking the risks of the highs are lower but the lows aren't as bad yeah I think you were able group point even if you know your Coleman ball starts right anytime would take some forced off the table then in those big banner years you're gonna look back in hindsight twenty twenty at which you're a little bit more exposed but you know the most retirees or people close to retirement missing a little bit on the outside does not change impact their retirement but if you lose you know twenty thirty forty percent like we did in two thousand eight either right before retirement and first decade of retirements much more impactful image of some of the upstarts Tony for younger investors you know a thirty year old who's got thirty five thousand dollars with a college loans and is driving a used car and renting you know paying rent of thirteen hundred Bucks a month how how are they supposed to save money yeah that's always the top one writer but the most rewarding part you can really buckle down and look at that that most of us have something in our lifestyle this probably costing a little bit more than we think this can be a great time of year if you got a raise or bonus you're used to live on without that that's a great opportunity use that money either side of your mortgage you find knock outs and that or holds weird creature savings towards retirement so it's pretty tough to find someone that cannot be able to do something in a special if Europe starting somewhere that time value of money just getting that money really blown forty over time makes a big big Tony I think a lot of is just as simple as taking advantage what your employer offers to anything back again to when I was young and but yeah I didn't take advantage of that stuff when I should have as early as I could have because that was just something that wasn't top of mind to me but if you take advantage now that compounding sure it's up here in a lot of those of that match your former employer it's free money you're not gonna get free money a lot of places in life and you know there's some new contestants if you look at some other countries that you know automatically put employees and to invest money up to opt out of savings rates are much higher in our in our country for the most part got dropped and she told me I know that it's different for everyone everyone's life style is different they want to do different things in retirement but I saw something that said that if you don't have a million dollars saved you're not gonna make it yeah I think those numbers are really cancellations and they sound good in your great headlines and in very so much first for so many folks a lot of it just depends on what you're spending what your income sources are pure someone not many of us out there anymore but if you're someone who's working not to have a pension that big number may not be quite as important so I think it comes down to more understanding what you're going to spend having a plan accounting for inflation and taking a look at some of those things in retirement also some big changes in retirees with this new bill that passed at the end of the year Tony we had three said the interest rate cuts in the past your are we going to get anymore in twenty twenty no corner ten minutes now to look like they're gonna accountable but mark your from this year which is great they're not anticipating a rising during Christmas that can help of course change of taxonomic gala but it looks like you're going to kind of hold tight there and I can it's a good thing for investors over the market and it's a political year too so twenty twenty should be interesting in that regard yeah politics definitely make a big difference we also saw a big change in our federal bill something called secure act retirees now don't have to take required minimum distributions tell seventy two used to be seven and I have seen that their retirement money you brought up to you well one tax deferred a little bit longer but we can no longer structural diaries beneficiaries have to take it out over ten years he is the namesake Tony drink from drinking associates on WTMJ Tony thank you so much happy new year thank you very

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