A Renewed Focus on Women Over 40

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I am all about this like renewed focus on women over forty. Okay this is a nice list. Is it nice. Oh Yes oh my what I think is nice is that we're finally putting the final Gaz on women over forty and I say that as somebody obviously not over over from not over forty but like I see you know. I'm knocking at his door. And I really has for the past few years having been a million in meetings focus groups Press events where it's all about this we've completely thrown our brand in the trash to appeal to the millennial customer her. That did not your street. Yes everything is about millennial customer I think technically I am a millennium. Older millennial That's that's for sure but it's like guys I understand you have to be relevant. I understand you cannot ignore this. Tremendous Group of people. millennials are going to the biggest group like second to boomers something. Consumers are dying off Lovey boomers but it feels almost like slavish devotion to people who don't necessarily early give them back. You know a return on their investment. So where are you seeing. This renewed focus on women's forty in the beauty. Remember we went to that Lori. Alvin a few a few weeks ago. We sat this law relevant and they talked about how women over forty are basically underserved all your they say that we learned that seventy percent of women over fifty feel forgotten by the beauty and the ad sixty percent of them use makeup every day. Hey and I can attest to that. Having known knowing a lot of women over fifteen. Yeah like my mom wasn't getting out of the car without lipstick. No so so. The Nice thing is focusing on these and and it's like hello. Thank you coming out with a whole line devoted to this. We're all GONNA get older. I've been very reflective the past year. We're all getting older and the idea Zia of like you're no longer relevant. You're no longer visible I think you know we talk so much about inclusivity in this country right now but ageism is like like something that we're not comfortable talking about this year you started to see a twist inclusive Izzo Solorio is coming out with. I don't you can I other products. Okay they're coming out with products that are targeted for lipstick. That isn't you know it's called a perfect. Yeah perfect Foundation that covers without looking like a mask. I'm sorry we don't WanNa look like get the coverage but like highly Jenner. You know it's not about that airbrush kind of like instagram look Is there other things. Besides the L'OREAL affects the show. I'm there's you know whether or not this is really Gen. Ed Pours herself another good blog. got cannot wait to like drink freely again so There's a brand called called paws. which is all about menopause? Well aging Boswell. Instead of anti-aging he bought a brand. That's it's not necessarily skin care. I think it's supplements and I think vaginal dryness stuff. But that's taking it to another level but my point is it's normalizing the conversation conversation about aging. It's not ignoring women who honestly like some of my biggest hate. This Term Lake Ella. Crashes are women who are over forty over fifty and it just seems so crazy that we can talk about. You know inclusivity and we're still kind of like oh he's old Going Naughty starting out nice. We were positive it was nice. It's a nice. It's a nice reaction to I think and not a culture that you're looking audie in two thousand nine hundred you're starting to like together beauty industry exactly so we. Yeah we need to. We need to realize that you know people who are spending money money on makeup like they deserve more respect. I like

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