In Pakistan, the merciless assassin: The blasphemy law


This is the first Christmas that I see a B. B. will celebrate as a free woman I see a a Christian spent nearly ten years in jail in Pakistan after being sentenced to death for allegedly committing blasphemy during an argument as she did farm work out in the field she was eventually released only earlier this year meanwhile the country's blasphemy laws remain in place and last weekend a prominent Muslim university lecturer Junaid have fees was sentenced to death for having allegedly insulted the prophet Muhammad on social media human rights groups say the blasphemy allegations are often used impacts on as a way of setting settling personal feud soul targeting minority groups in the country from Pakistan a correspondence conduct money has this report Hey how much Bob your two was marred by the hand soon musty says his press conference of a handful of posters and calendars depicting Jesus and his disciples to make up the only decoration in the small rural home he'd almost completely lost hope that his daughter on the beach with ever be released Bigelow's up all of that I have but the summer of two close to a decade on death row she was flown out of the country they're they're gonna what are the what are they ever did on Sunday her father wasn't able to meet her they did manage to speak once when a relative's phone John was very but you because you eat I was so happy I saw her face and she held her hands up in front of me and said father forgive me and made everyone you can go in America it's hard then I started crying and I said well my doctor may god protect you because these are the the retooling because on our will on us here BB her husband and her children now live abroad but the rest of her family still in Pakistan they had to leave the village when I see a B. B. was first accused of blasphemy and only saw her once many years ago when she was in jail they know that are likely to ever be able to be to gain that too poor to even afford a mobile phone to call her yeah I did they cut a deal with in a while it with a mind you doing this for you miss everyone you must feel the same idea this is what happens look at that bird if accrued ID's the rest of them get together and make a noise we all have memories the verdict in Aussie BB's case was welcomed around the world the buckets dogs hardline blasphemy does remain in place the release of all SUB B. U. court cases continue to be filed at least a dozen people been accused of committing blasphemy PCS and activist a judge's still will opt into a quick suspects accused of blasphemy afraid of the reaction from fundamentalist groups I mean the whole school complex now where Christine mine is due to be brought in front of a judge possibly raise faces the death penalty if he's convicted of sending blasphemous text messages already spent six years in jail waiting for the trial twins it is the murder of implementation of the Los his lawyer is Seth woman look the same man who defended on C. a B. B. since onto a baby's release has anything changed in pockets on the simple answer is no rather than any of the people of the sun everyone is looking for a better life according to their border in the standing of the religions from the ten fifty two can you kill us and done some more in the who is less to have said some thing and the mission of the Muslim prophet you'll be rewarded the pattern when you've been in court have you seen judges looking afraid on race all how can you tell to do whatever and prosecute shin lawyers since asking a complete most of the accused of blasphemy the Muslims that minorities like Christians a disproportionately targeted the wife of us it but where is the man accused of blasphemy gave birth to twins just a few weeks before he was arrested she'd been hoping he would be released on bail in time for Christmas but it hasn't happened you can you can use for me having to cope with everything is so difficult basically the number in the past few days he got badly beaten up because there was some argument between the inmates over as with Bobby stone Supreme Court ordered on C. a B. bees released last year violent protests erupted the government led by prime minister Imran Khan would do to crack down on the hard line religious groups who taken to the streets they've yet to re emerge but there seems little prospect of the blasphemy laws being reformed it was only four months feeling the garment and standing with such kind of judgment it was quite risky for Jim Shea Thomas is one of the few Christine members of parliament news from the ruling party we have so many other issues like me have to have you know said allow economy in the country at the moment reforming this law is not the priority any Vineland Christian you know representing Christians and livestock are you happy with that compromise I am an educated person I'm a member of parliament I have we have so many other people who are educated who are doing business and blasphemy is not issue for them but if you're living in a slum you know know people people can can easily easily common common target target to to my my parity parity as as a a parliamentarian parliamentarian is is to to you you know know give give back back to to social social economic economic status status to to our people of course but his son Christian neighborhoods are preparing to celebrate the community no longer faces the same level of threats from militant groups it did even just a few years ago the continued trickle of blasphemy allegations needs many still feeling marginalized second Kamani reporting on the hold the specs on strict blasphemy law was still have across the country

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