Can Burkina Faso help itself?


If in a given year is lowest terror attacks in one European country over one American state killed nearly two thousand people forced six six hundred thousand more from their homes. It would probably make the front page in west Africa not so much but that was the story of two thousand thousands of nineteen in Burkina-fasso earlier this week twenty more people were killed in a jihadist attack incentive province in the country's north the week before. Oh that thirty nine people were killed by jihadists in a neighboring province of Soom became the foucault is in many respects ideal operational environment for the Jehad EST groups. The government is weak. The security services under-equipped. Its borders porous. It's not true. Cover plentiful and it's people not short of have reasonable grievances which extremists can exploit in January two thousand nineteen after a series of terrorist incidents including attacks on burkina-faso's army army headquarters and the French embassy. MAKINA foucault's entire government resigned a year. Later is Kena Foucault's new government doing any better through. What realistic options does it have? And if further French military intervention won't stop the Jihadists. What

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