The Story of William Tell


To legend William Tell was a whiz with a bow and Arrow he lived in the mountains of Switzerland the opening of the William Am tell overture paints a beautiful picture of a mountain sunrise starting with a great solo for cello. In fact the whole first part of the overture is written just for the low string instruments cello bill bases MHM with a couple of ominous drum rolls to give you a hint that the weather forecast for today is not good. Sure enough when the rest of the orchestra joins in. It's a signal. The arrival of a Rossini specialty it starts with wind in the trees and some small blinky raindrops tell pretty soon. We're into a full-fledged downpour complete with lightning and thunder the sort of storm Benjamin Franklin would not have wanted to be caught flying in his kite in portraying. Thunderstorms in music was one of the things. Rossini did best. Rossini also used thunderstorm in this overture to show the political critical storm brewing. In William tells part of Switzerland which was controlled by foreigners from Austria headed by nasty guy named Yesler. Gessler thought that even when he wasn't around people should show how important he was by bowing down to his hat which he stuck on a pole in the middle of town. When William Tell came to town with his son he thought it was pretty dumbed? Bow Down to a hat on a pole. Gessler was not amused. But instead of killing William Tell Gessler usual punishment for failure to salute a hat in a public place Gessler. I said I hear Europe. Pretty hot. Shot Mister Towel. If you can prove it by shooting an apple off your son's head with a single Arrow I'll let you go. Uh both the story and the thunderstorm have happy endings when the rain ends outcome the birds. And because we're in Switzerland home of Swiss cheese and milk chocolate there are cows to be called the orchestra instrument that does a lot of cow calling duty. Is the the English horn. It's sitting in for an Alpenhorn a Swiss folk instrument that's used to call from mountain to mountain back back to the story of William Tell who did shoot the apple off his son's head with a single ero but Gessler. The bad guy noticed that before tell took his one one shot. He took two arrows out of his quiver so he asked why Williams tells answer was if I had missed that second era would have been for you eventually. William Tell did kill Gessler which started a Swiss uprising and got rid of the Austrian invaders. If you're going to have an uprising rising what do you need trumpet to rally the troops and of course horses. And that's the part of the William Intel overture. You probably recognize your parents or grandparents know it as the theme to the Lone Ranger Radio and television shows

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