Kate Murdoch Discusses Her Newest Masterpiece 'The Orange Grove'


You've traveled through France you probably went to the side live. You could only wonder at the opulence of the King's palace petition. Also wonder how the French court operated will thanks to Cape Murdoch. We get an idea. Welcome back again you descriptions of the palace and what the people were wearing lean and even the food that was served. We're really vivid. There was a lot of research he must have done. Yes and it also comes about because of my because I was an office for so many years. So grading visuals is really important to me. I like to read visuals and I like to write them. So yeah that's part of it. Also but yes I had to get. Did you know there are a number of things like at one stage. I had a carriage clock on a mantle and carriage clocks when invented like that new I was constantly rating like I did a number of proofs just obviously for those types of things and what about the Masa Pancake. Yes I came across that somewhere and I can't remember Web ed but there was something like that Croatia's on point for the coach and Yes it was as realistic as possible. this was all around seventeen fifty seventeen. I five seventeen o five so the louise were in prisons whether the fourteenth But the book is called the Orange Grove. And that's not in beside who owns the Orange Grove and palace the duke and Duchess Stumbles Linage and yes. It's a beautiful chateau. It's an Orange Grove and extensive grounds and manicured gardens will well. He's Juke Hugo let's make it easy and The touches Charlotte now. They have a daughter Amelia. But there's also a number of mistress yes as mistresses and up to this. You know the time. The book said they've all been co-existing quite happily. It hasn't been too many problems uh-huh but all of a sudden that changes with the arrival of the new mistress Latisha. Well what I couldn't believe is the the duchess in the five mistresses. All went out from a picnic and they had a very cordial social time. They even discuss the merits of marriage over missing. That's right I take it with your research. Could that conversation really go on. Yes I believe so because I think that the tension amongst these women would have reached a fever pitch at times and that was the whole the whole idea of that was what got me rushing. This story in the first place is because very early on. I read a In academic paper about Prince of the time who had twelve mistresses and they all followed behind in these carriages and they all had the same You know Equi posh was the word that's used to end the same library and everything was the same and this immediately intrigued me and I thought well how would they get along. Would they be friends with any of them be friends and most importantly how with the wife handle the situation and this is set up so you know the the same that you referred to. I'm usually the mistress's know what to say. And what not to say. And they keep keep the council and they they ruffle her the duchess's feathers but in that particular sane on riot decides to stand up to her a little beach to the shock. Give it all the other women. So what what. Why didn't why didn't the duchess the other mistresses like the newest the fifth mistress? While she's she's very young and beautiful for one and she's also someone who gecas actually fallen in love with so. That hasn't happened before. No what I call her. The child concrete and will of course if the king is falling in love with her. He's not having any relationships with any of the other mistresses press'. Well maybe but you know this elaine who is desperately needs his Not Much affection but his logistics logistics. Shall we say yes. What's her problem? Well she's desperate for love wherever she can find it. She's a very insecure person. She's he's definitely being threatened. Yes and her husband. I'm lates laugh. That costs a lot of money. He's Gambler and She has to continue to fund him. And you know her. His life is dependent on her success within that setting so yes it isn't you've mentioned Henry Henry and Well she is actually had a daughter by the king yes salon challenge Sir There's another child around to the SES. Isabela neither mistresses son. Thomas and I I would win the fifth Mistress the teasha becomes pregnant. Everybody will only everybody else worries if it's Zahn years and that was the other thing that I should've mentioned that the other reason that she's a threat because up to that point the duchess hasn't been able to provide an air and so she realizes houses. This young girl could really position by by doing that so when she asks yes when she becomes pregnant the stakes are raised even higher which leads to some a lot of people having a grudge against Latisha and wanting to do her harm. That's the two children children. Thomasson Solange have the run of the palace the Orange Groves secret. They like to go there to hide and seek they also like to play hide and seek in the palace and to learn a lot of the palace secrets. Yes they learn about law. By what's Li- Li- is a substance that was used for cleaning and I decided to have it be used Chew Harm. I'm someone in the story if I want to go. We knocked telling her LA is placed in undergarments and causes quite a bit image. So yeah it Welson Rashes in hates and faints. Oh well that's not the only damage and here. I'm passing being A. I'm going to get Cape Murdoch to read from page one hundred seventy nine. Because this is all about a black doc mass. Let's say crucifixes must be inscribed on the soles of the fate the celebrant should be cloaked in black back and naked beneath the ideal animal for sacrifice is a girl or a peak the vessel should be placed on the naked body of a woman in place of consecrated bread we must use a decompose turnip and the blood of the slaughtered animal. Replaces the consecrated wine. Madam Fulbright gave a wicked smile. Her eyes glinting. I'll kill the peak having had experienced at the task. Where is the best place for the mass to be performed? Charlotte pondered the question gazing out of the pavilion windows towards the Orange Grove. It's symmetrical rows of trees. Stretching into the distance. The tree canopies with thick and the leaves glossy casting deputy sheriff as long the gravel pathways ace the Orange Grove Child Charlotte replied. No one will see us and made all that foilage. Sorry the reason for this. Who is she doing who she actually getting? The black mess said four. You'll have to read to find out now this isn't the owning mythical magical magical todd Thing in this terret cod readings. Yes so there's a character called remand Davila who comes to the Chateau and he's purposes to entertain attain the women with his he's ratings and the civil Rating Terry waiting saints throughout the novels. So I started to try and write them and it just was not feeling rush. I thought I'm really going to have to learn to read them because otherwise people are going to read it and they'll be able to tell that I have no idea what I'm hoping so I teach you sat up pack of the cards and when I started looking at them and looking at some of the descriptions of of at all I was very skeptical. This is a load of rubbish and then as I kind of didn't more and more I ended up kind of locking them and now I have my pack. It's interesting because you know you do the ratings. And we we hear about king of swords and seven of swords and all these other ones and and of course with the insider of an author you can go back and write whatever you like but as we're reading way building story and I had to laugh about this because because you know they was at. It was really professional. Tear raiders in the courts. At the time I didn't rate of that specifically now that I thought it it was quite possible to have somebody like that. Yeah I mean. There are all kinds of entertainments that they had the time. I'm the opera ballet was featured in the novel is certainly. There's out if it was your written with an artist cy looking at it I look I laughed about this. The Professional Tara Cod Rita. Now I think the best fortune telling was done by his prostitute friend who said you are a bad man with noble intentions. Didn't you will be good. You just don't know it yet but there are forged love letters jewell secret visits to a convent and a priest who is tout told to doll his heart. Blood with frigid air prayer and whip but back to the side with all the court his planning and plotting and scheming. It's the Esto. The Duke and Duchess is twelve year old daughter. WHO's introduced or my case in the hope? He would remember her in years to come but it wasn't her. It was the word games that he played with. LETITIA captivated him yes well. She ended up playing with Madame for Bray and he was watching and he is nine as has being very good at the word Games of course and yeah I think just they conversation they they start to be quite interested in another but it's very forbidden. ooh ooh forbidden stuff. This cade Murdoch. You've given US seventeen o five France Orange Grove. The previous book was Stone Circle Cool Sixteenth Century and Nixon's nineteen twenty Sicily just keep revolving around but the book. I've been speaking with kite today. About what is the Orange Grove published by Regal House publishing. Thank you came over

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