Did cheating help Astros win World Series? Hinch says we may never know


Aj hinch and the interview. He did finally breaking his silence of the disgraced astros manager who was fired in the wake of the breaking story in major league. Next glad you said that the ask the disgraced astros manager he was not. There's nothing else to call him. He's a disgrace Astros manager He was caught up up in the science. Dealing Scandal of the Astros didn't do enough to stop it and the first thing rob Manfred did was announced his suspension for Major League Baseball and then a couple allows later. The Astros fired him. You mentioned the interview he did. It's going to air tonight. And he was asked. Does this championship that you wanted. Twenty Lee seventeen. Is it tainted by this new scandal. Unfortunately we open that door as a group in that question I may never be answered. We may never know we're going to have to live and move forward and be be better better in the sport but unfortunately no one can really answer. Threw that question. I I can't pinpoint what advantages or what what happened. Or what. Exactly what happened otherwise but we did it to ourselves. Okay wait I can answer. It had had a lot to do. Look at the home road. Splits of all your headers like Jose Altuve. Have you see our relay race. Home and road splits dislike. It's like four twenty at home one twenty on the road and you remember if correctly that was when they remember lost the Games in New York to the Yankees remember the laws and then at home the they won all games. I mean it was an if I'm a dodger fan. I'm salty as well 2017. MLB CHAMPION DOC. There are two parades coming twenty seventeen and twenty eighteen and then back to back. Alex Cora takes that same show on the road and same thing. I I asked we. We know of this movie Bets trae goes through. You know as as Alex Cora cheated to be named later. Is that a part of the look at you know. I think that was the penalty. Not was the red sox train. mookie Betts to the padres and they said No. No you gotta make amends and trading with the dodgers all right shoulder dodger you owe the dodgers at Aj Aj hinch clearly is in that mode all of us do this in our lives. Whenever something bad happens did the interview though he could he could run and hide for year and not be heard from? I think it's better when you get out in front of it. But is he getting out in front of my saying. I don't know what kind of impact this had. Clearly when you're batters know what's it's coming. It's a lot easier when you go to that length of we're putting in electronic sign stealing system and you play the. I'm only the manager card. I couldn't stop this. No one believes please. You know either. The point where he's at the point in his life and all of us do this right when something happens in our lives. It's bad that we're responsible for. What do we try to do at some point? We try rationalize why it happened. And it's not really our fault. Aj hinch is at this point where who knows what he's GonNa do in baseball again. He's going to manage again. Maybe a couple years somewhere where. I'm not quite sure that he's at that point. where I need to reconcile with myself because I am a world series champion and I'm not going to walk around every day going it was tainted? So I'm I'm GonNa convince myself that I don't know what kind of impact this had altuve as still had to hit the baseball even though he knew what was the old PD argument. So He's in that point of denial. where I'm going is still WANNA walk around and not just feel crappy every day that we won and we won by cheating? So I'm GonNa convince myself that I don't know what we we did. Any act on the game only problem is I get it if you told me that one every game at home then win every game at home even with the cheating scandal. Whoa with knowing what's coming? So that's the part that makes it hard that's why you can't go automatically and say well we should just turn championship over to the dodgers not that the dodgers. aww their fans would want it that way but they didn't win every game using that cheating system so okay so they won three quarters of their. But I'm just saying when eighty percent of they're games that that's the only reason and this could have It doesn't mean that Wa. The team couldn't have beaten them at some point. All I'm saying is I get it cheating. Cheating it helps them. I'm not denying that but it's a reason why you can't take the championship and I don't think that that will work for majorly based on you can easily take like the championship. And you can not awarded to anybody. Say No year but Rob Manfred and look rob Manfred and Adam. Silver are two of the new age commissioners which they they WANNA do nothing they want to do nothing but in grow the game and have great reputations right Adam silver wants to do a little bit less than Rob Manfred but rob Manfred I guarantee aren t you. He thought I'm taking care of this. Here's a suspension for hinch. Here's bench for Jeff Luna. I'm taking care of it and instead what happened. Was it mushroomed out of control to the point. Where an hour an hour after this broke? What was the biggest topic online? Put Pete Rose in the hall of fame. 'cause you're not taking care cheaters enough. This got completely out of control because Manfred doesn't WanNa be the guy where the first line of his wikipedia pages rob Manfred who presided over. MLB taking a world series away from a team for the first time Blah Blah Blah. Aw that would be his legacy. He wasn't going to do it he wasn't going to be the guy to say you're going to look back at my my rain and it's GonNa be pace of play but mainly it's going to be. He took look world series away. He presided over a dark time in major league baseball. He wasn't going to be that guy. I'm not gonNA wear it so I'm GonNa have this suspension and then whatever happens after it gets out of my control and I don't care that's why he didn't do anything. Yeah I I just I never been into it. Even college used to do it and the Olympics and taken away medals and stuff that we watched watched to tell me that Reggie Bush wasn't the heisman trophy winner. You know you could tell me that all you want but I watched that season. Do you know what I mean. So I'm not fully the Internet. I don't think that changes anything. That doesn't take their memory away from me. I think you've just got a penalize the organization but I I'm not into taking championships

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