Lt Col Alexander Vindman fired from White House.


I'm Anthony Davis Lieutenant Colonel Alexander vind men who defied trump to deliver public testimony during the impeachment inquiry was removed from his White House post on Friday afternoon. VIND minet Ukraine expert on the National Security Council had been scheduled to rotate out of his White House assignment this summer but he was suddenly fired and escorted out of the building yesterday. His lawyer David Pressman said he followed orders. He obeyed his oath and he served his country tree. And for that the most powerful man in the world buoyed by the silent the pliable and the complicit has decided to exact revenge. Vinson's firing was the latest in a string of moves by trump against he's perceived antagonists from the impeachment inquiry an hour after trump's acquittals toll Senate Republicans announced an investigation of Hunter Biden whose former employment with the Ukrainian gas company trump had made the centerpiece of a political attack. Doc on his father. Joe Biden the former vice president trump and his son. Donald trump junior have repeatedly attacked Mitt Romney of Utah in the past week. The only Republican senator to vote to convict trump on abuse of power central to the house impeachment manages argument for trump's removal was a warning that if he face no retribution. For his misconduct trump would expand the pace and scope of his power abuses most of the dozen witnesses who testified find in public impeachment. Hearings had already left their posts in the trump administration before testifying but vin men continued to work in the White House after he testified about the internal shock at trump's Ukraine scheme align from vitamins testimony. About the supposed strength of the rule of law in the United States states here right matters became refrain in the manages prosecution of trump at the Senate impeachment trial which ended on Wednesday the escorting courting of vitamin from the White House. So publicly is not just a matter of retribution. It's a warning to

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