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Just want to put my cards on the table. Right at the front rise of Skywalker is not a great movie. Okay it is not even really a good movie. It's all right movie. Get what happens in less which left a lot of people who are fans a star Star. Wars really annoyed his. They decided to clean up the mess and cleaning up the mess leads to a really really jam packed movie. That doesn't have any room to breathe. It takes a lot of weeks that I don't know where the puck thing force. Helium Lean. How how did you see? She's deflecting line. Lean only Mason Nokia. Whatever anyway it takes leaves is trying to say and I think it's not a good movie however compared to the last Jedi it is like Shakespeare because the last Jedi for like five minutes here getting the this shit the way because this is what this is initiated us to talk about this in the first place? Wow you feel or personal. Do you feel like the last night is a good movie or do you feel like it's just the best of the three. I think I would qualify it as a good movie. Yeah I enjoyed it. I don't understand that. The side is objectively a bad movie. The choices it makes and the things that ask us to do with the characters that we've long loved it just but uh-huh Here's the thing I didn't feel like we need to really have a discussion about that. I feel like what we can agree on is the Disney. Didn't have a plan. They bought a four billion dollar franchise and and decided to make a trilogy which I guess they did that. Just because that's like the cool thing to do like they did trilogies. Let's do one now. But they didn't have a frigging plan. And like I know people have problems with the prequels but as I said so if you bought online at least the prequels had a plant it had a line of thought it had lower like the writing was terrible. Oh and I felt like the execution was pretty bad and somebody effects weren't great but at least I believe that the screenwriters and the producer and the director like had a vision of what they wanted to show us like growing up and then he kills the people killed his mom and then he becomes dark and we saw how that happened. I couldn't even tell you what the last three movies were about like. I guess they were about this girl named Ray who was the daughter. Granddaughter Powell Patine which how did that happen did he get busy. I don't know but like I just like why. Here's the thing. Why do I care about these people? At least I cared about Anna. Can I cared about luke doc I cared about layoffs on never gave a shit about ray fin and I never cared about any of these people. Why did they did they show them my TV? So my movie screen and I'm like why are you here. Why are you bothering me? So that's where I'm coming from. I here's the thing that the rise of Skywalker can be accused of anything and one of them is having a lot of fan service in it but considering that the last Jedi I had virtually no fan service in it I feel like the rise of Skywalker can be excused for like letting fans is literally get wet with themselves with everything. They've got nights of rain on my God. Oh my God lake For Stanley all my God like real Landau Landau like. It does so much that we wanted to see. We hope to see in like this entire trilogy. It was just like shoves them all into one movie. And there's no time to breathe and you're like how the hell do that happened. BALCON game bag. I guess I guess he's back like like he cloned himself just sorcery. Oh again like they did. They don't even explain it. They don't even get a hand. Wait to your and it's just like it happens deal with it and then so we can talk about the movie. Now go ahead. I know you agree with me. They showed about a pre compliant. Yes I completely agree that I mean I I definitely I I will agree with you. I thought the Prequel trilogy was the better trilogy. And it's not even close not even close so thank. God Oh my God okay okay literally. You're not totally malfunctioning. Okay well I also say that as somebody that probably enjoyed the prequel trilogy Morrison focused because I actually think. It's pretty underrated I think that I think George. Lucas is really good at world building and he has a lot of interesting ideas and I know this is a fairly common opinion but he just needs to be. I think edited a little bit helped along with some dialogue choices and so on But I would much prefer stilted dialogue weird performances and silly CGI then like a bland flat world that that doesn't really go anywhere and a story. That is not really a cohesive because that's what star wars to to me at least is it's fantastic and like yes. The new trilogy is much prettier and the performances are better and the dialogue is beer but lots of movies can do that. You know what I mean. The imagination being imaginative. That's would star wars was to me. It's it's really like was when I was a kid like opened my mind to like all of these new crazy worlds and aliens and fun fantasy like things and that's what I liked about it so personally for me. I enjoyed the prequel trilogy much more than and I personally will say well. They didn't know that was going to be Luke's Luke's father in the empire strikes back. They just thought of that along the way so it wasn't like they had a plan back then but they had lucas as somebody who has an over arching figure who was in charge of Star Wars. Here what do you have. Kathleen Kennedy. I guess who just doesn't care really. What way director takes again? I feel like the ends of the three is the best one we because when I saw the force awakens yes it is basically a reprise of new hope fine but like it helped me and I was like excited for where we could go. Oh my God like seriously this is serious. Part of Brent. I'M NOT CLASSIC J.J. Abrams is that he's he's good at starting things. Yes exactly and I'm like Oh my God like who smoke in like what's his backstory and the Knights of ran and how Kylo fall to the dark side. Who's this ray girl and she can do everything? I'm sure there are going to explain that. Not

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