Saints do not sign Antonio Brown following workout

The Rich Eisen Show


The Tonio Brown posted earlier this morning that he was He posted a picture and then he took it down of his. His waiver. Waiver is signed sheet of for a waiver workout with the New Orleans saints the NFL announced when Brown was released earlier this season after playing. Just one game for the New England Patriots that it would consider putting him on paid leave a placement on the commissioner's exempt list if he was signed by another team the lease Ben Investigating allegations made by two women against Brown of Rape Sexual Assault and sending threatening text. Messages Brown has denied the accusations and has filed a counterclaim against one of the women. So what we don't know is what the New Orleans saints are indeed doing are they. Did they workout workout Antonio Brown among many others did they work out Antonio Brown with a concept of saying if it went will would you consider signing him now. How or is this a future investigation? Something to look at when they're off season begins whenever that is. Does it matter John in the locker room today. Today from the New Orleans Saints Does the reason he was in for a workout an interview matter and does it play in the locker room. Is it a conversation piece.

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