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Today? We're GONNA talk about lumberjack. The island of Lombok in Indonesia. Okay let's put it on a map first of all. I'm not sure that everybody can find Indonesia on a map but we're in the Western Pacific that's right in between the Pacific. Can the Indian Ocean. But where is the island of Lombok. Usually the way I tell people to locate Lombok is most people have heard of Bali and Bali. Alley is the island directly east of Bali in the the sort of archipelago of Indonesia which is more or less near the center of the Indonesian is winds. And that's where it is right next to the Bali. Okay and it right next to Bali and then also not that far from the Allen de Jakarta is is on. The name of that island escapes me for the moment at Java Java Java actually said it was near the center it's actually not news and draw wasn't considering Sumatra which is the largest of the islands and another interesting place to explore but you have Java which is the largest of the Indonesian islands rubs up against Peninsular Malaysia Asia. If you follow it east. You hit Carta in the island of Java next to Java you have Bali and then right after Bali a little further east you have lumbar well and people have heard about most of those islands. We're talking about except potentially Lombok. Why are we talking about Lumbar? Well for one and I guess we're talking about it because I just spent five weeks there with my family A couple months ago. We've spent a good deal of time in various parts of Indonesia. We'd he'd heard good things about Lombok and the reasons I would suggest going is especially for those who have been Bali. Feel that it's becoming overdeveloped overdeveloped and maybe in all the baggage that comes with that Lombard is a is a simpler place. It's less developed even though it is starting to gain tourism dollars too little sleep beer but it still has a lot of the same charm in the natural wonders of what you would find in Bali now as you know Oh and many of your listeners. Probably Know Bali Hindu island smack in the middle of of Indonesia which is a predominantly Muslim country. Right Lombok is not long is a Muslim. As Long Island nation may be island. Nation is too strong a word but I mean before Indonesia was a country all of these islands were at their own distinct cultures. Their own distinct getting ethnic tribes as well and so that element of Lombok. We found to be very interesting to have. It has a touch of the tropical paradise that Bali is but it comes from a completely different cultural background. And I don't know the history of the country of Indonesia but I'm guessing that it was conglomerates during the colonial period under into the Dutch. That's true okay. With my also limited knowledge of that these were all their own countries but then the Dutch spice merchants and colonists lists made it into one place far as I know there are still tensions between one part of Indonesian another in very vast cultural and linguistic differences assist between them for example on Lombok the predominant at this is the sack people and Sasa has their own language their own food their our own customs that you would not find in say Sumatra or Java or any of the other islands. Okay what kind of activity do you recommend mend for Lombok Guano you like to Kinda give a week long itinerary and give you a week or two weeks. Of course. We're going someplace relatively remote here. I'll give you an ambitious week or or perhaps a solid two week itinerary. I think most people would fly into to Lombok even though you can also I should say that a lot of people. We'll take speedboats or slow boats over from Bali. It's that close okay. We're talking twenty minutes. Thirty minutes on a speedboat or less. Oh Wow okay. So it's it's very Mary clubs. I would start in the Sing Gigi area which is to the West. The airport is in the sort of the southwestern region. Sing cing Gigi. Beach is a beach area to the west the island and in Kuta not to be confused with Bali Kuta but there is a Kuta area to to the south of the island. Both of these have exceptional snorkeling surfing scuba diving. I think that would be probably the easiest a place to start if you just WanNa have some laidback beach time. Okay I'm guessing if we don't want some laid back beach time. We probably shouldn't be spending our time and going all the way to Indonesia that that's part of what you come here for. I would think so. We certainly do an mason kind of strange especially if we started talking travel. We've lived in a lot of islands in beach areas. We're not actually big beach. People like that we burn easily. And I'm we. I'm talking about my family. Because aren't we have altogether all the time. I burn easily the sun and sand and all of that but I love beaches at night but we are big water. People would have my kids love to surf. My kids like snorkeling is. I'm sure I'll mention in the interview. They both got their junior patty scuba diving lessons while during this trip. And there's all of those kinds of things while you're in the Gigi area speaking of kind of water one of the things that we really like to do more than saltwater as we like freshwater what are we like streams and waterfalls and Lombok is just riddled just like Bali and a lot of ways lots of beautiful tropical waterfalls in rainforests and forest. And they're reachable. You you can hire a driver or as we do we rent scooters and with all the risks that that entails and I could get into that if you needed to we probably should. We probably should. Because it's good that you know that but I'm not sure that everybody who rents scooters understands that there are some some risks involved in scooter. Travel saying you shouldn't do it but you should be aware of it so when you say you rent scooters with all the risks involved tell me a little more about your thought process process year. You're traveling with two kids. I recall a wife and yourself and you're on to scooters for scooters one scooter the typical Indonesia uh-huh in Vietnam. We were all four on one scooter. But when we are in most places it's better to have to scooters in one parent in in one child. I think what you're getting at is traffic in southeast. Asia is is is a little hectic. It doesn't follow all the rules. Stop Lights and you are just suggestions. Yes right there are parts of Indonesia that I would not ride a scooter in Sumatra. We've have never ridden written a scooter at least in northern Sumatra where we've been because the roads were in poor condition. Plus there's lots of construction equipment logging trucks trucks. You don't want to have to be run off the road those kinds of things now. That being said in Lombok just like in Bali the roads are in pretty good condition and if you have experienced riding riding scooters in this kind of environment I would recommend it that being said a lot of travel insurance companies will not cover any sort of accidents or damages damages if you do not have a scooter motorcycle license in your home

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