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Sonos is bricking old devices with ‘Recycle Mode’



So this deal works like this. You check if money were sonics. Gadgets is eligible for the trade up Promo. Then you confirm the Sano sap that you'd like to trade your current device towards a new one sonus instantly grant you at thirty percent discount code then automatically Jackley starts at Twenty One day countdown. Before you're old device goes into recycle mode so I have to do is agree. Agree Wreak psychomotor stadium. Your state of recycle is a state. Your device enters twenty one days after recycling confirmation sonos APP in recycle mode all data race in the devices permanently deactivated. So you can. Safely insecurity dispose of it once devices during psychomotor cannot be reactivated so the purposely breaking a functional product thirty percent is directly tied to the demise of piece of hardware for San Hose. This process seems less about trading up and more about ditching your old devices and clearing room for new one now these sonos devices and some of them are on this list. I have the original Silas. Play five fantastic speaker fantastic dishonest connect. I have one of those. The sounds connect APP. Have One of those. So if you upgrade they they purposely Brigham if you take the thirty percent off code so if you WANNA keep her devices working which they're perfectly good perfectly fine find devices will work for many many years. Don't take the thirty percent discount. Someone on found five of them in a recycle late with have been submitted for recycling their value is still online. Today you can buy them about two hundred. Fifty fifty dollars is what they sell for on Ebay and yet these were all bricked so naughty naughty ensembles for what they're doing here

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Sonos is bricking old devices with ‘Recycle Mode’

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