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On this Saturday may run into a little patchy fog along the road some of the winds and very mild mid to upper fifties right those clouds build an overnight low thirty eight and then tomorrow showers early steadier like rain later in the day forty eight for that afternoon showers Sunday night the weather channel talk radio six eighty W. CBM can commando here W. CBS studios are sponsored by a safe retirement solutions listen Thursdays live at six PM to hear rod burly talk about your safe retirement solutions are you paying too much for term life insurance there's a tremendous price war among the major term life companies rates have dropped dramatically in the past few years for example a man H. forty five non tobacco user one million dollars of coverage seventy five dollars per month level rate for the next ten years or a man H. fifty non tobacco can obtain five hundred thousand dollars of coverage for a monthly premium of only one hundred ten dollars per month

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The outdoorsman radio show is brought to you by Ellis outdoors LLC

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Hi Lisa listen Arraf fox news

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Stay tuned for the mark Levin show right after book section on talk radio six eighty WCBS

Buck Sexton 3 d ago

Pressure centered over the middle antic were looking fairly pleasant

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