Israel/Palestine war crimes probe 'momentous step forward', says UN rights expert

UN News


Decision by the international criminal court the i c c to consider a formal criminal investigation into alleged alleged war crimes in palestine has been hailed by an independent. UN Human Rights expert as a momentous step forward in the quest for accountability. I see see prosecutor for Ben Souda announced on the twentieth December that there was reasonable basis to proceed with an investigation following the conclusion of a five-year a preliminary examination related to the two thousand fourteen war on Gaza Israeli settlements and the killing and wounding of Palestinian demonstrators near the Gaza Frontier Michael Link the UN special rapporteur for the human rights situation in the occupied Palestinian territory issued a statement on Tuesday welcoming the decision he. He observed that while the international community has adopted hundreds of U N resolutions condemning the fifty two year occupation yet really has it ever combined criticism with consequences for Israel now. The possibility of accountability is finally on the horizon. Mr Lynch observed that the prosecutor also intends to investigate investigate whether members of Hamas and other Palestinian armed groups had committed war crimes in the period since June twenty

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