Britt McHenry sues Fox News and co-host Tyrus for sexual harassment


And I haven't seen this story anywhere else is a new sexual harassment allegation going on around fox news anybody we know well aid you know Tartarus he's a a really big guy he's a very large man and there is a much smaller woman who is saying that they they hosted a show together that was basically about not being politically correct and the sexual harassment was a politically incorrect better Hey yeah it sure does and and and she has filed the suit against him saying she received a lot of on improper tax and a lot of other statements for ma'am she's got the tax she is suing the company and I had wondered because tie was used to show up all the time on shows like the five and I hadn't seen him in awhile and I wonder if this is been brewing underneath and I've oddly enough Charlie it's a week before the movie comes out about all the sexual harassment claims that box and that's coming out next week yeah next Friday so it's real interesting timing on this but nobody wants to support sexual harassment but Tyrus appears to be in

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