Why Do Some Noises Drive Me Crazy?



You want to strangle people. Who Chew with their Mouth Open? I've been does this sound of slurping noodles drive you mad. What about chewing gum? Heavy breathing. Frequent sighing or chronic snoring does the sound of of flatware dragging and clinking across a plate. Fill you with UN ending rage if so you might just have Missa Fonje Sonja and you're not alone but what is it. There are still a lot of questions about this relatively new diagnosis. But we know that some sounds drive certain people people acutely bonkers and I am not talking about slate annoyances or just getting irritated. I'm talking about having certain sounds trigger powerful intense feelings ranging from panic anxiety to anger and yes even arousal if ordinary irritation would be three on a one one to ten scale than this stuff is more of a twelve or if you ask someone with a two million. The list of trigger sounds goes on on the PS. Like the sounds of Pop. Kiss noises plastic bags and even pouring water can all make missa phony sufferers. I furious so what exactly is going on here. The term missile fonje means hatred of sounds and it was made by two neuroscientist. Scientists Powell and Margaret Gesture. Bof Most experts believe that. Mississippi is a neurological problem. Rather than a problem with an individual's hearing System in two thousand thirteen doctor Judith. Krauthammer argued that the problem could be traced back to areas of the brain called the insular cortex in the anterior cingulate Cortex a dysfunctional assessment of neural signals in the brain triggers. This intense discomfort. Interestingly the enough these areas are also hubs for processing anger pain and sensory information. There are competing views of the causes of Misa Fonje August August are molar believes that dysfunction is in the central nervous system that it's hard wired and people and is a physiological abnormality rather than an auditory disorder. Powell gesture bov believes that people can't be born with miss a phony but that there might be genetic factor in the mix currently experts think it develops in late childhood and early adolescence and worsens over time missing. Phony is also often confused with other such as CD. phobic disorders or hyper accuses. People with hyper accuses are overly sensitive to certain frequencies or ranges of sound however if you have Missa Fonje the volume of your trigger. Sound probably doesn't matter. Miss Phone can develop from a range of possible oh factors in patients with other audio. Disorders can also develop the condition. According to audiologist Miriam Westcott tonight. A sufferers can also develop mischief over time Westcott argues that some causes for Misa phony may include an obsession with sounds that irritated or scared Zhu in childhood pointing to a possible psychological factor. So all right if we put all of this together than it seems that experts agree on a few things things. One people with Misa phony aren't just cranky jerks they have no control over their reaction to Misa Fonje develops over time and three. It may likely be caused by multiple factors and there's a little bad news at this point. There's no universally recognized and effective effective treatment for mischief so if the sound of snoring smacking and other mouth noises turns you into a monster. Then you'll be glad to. I know that research on continues as I'm speaking to you.

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