This Day in History: Sarojini Naidu Born February 13, 1879


Find US This Day in history. Class is a production of iheartradio. Hey y'all I'm Eve's welcome to this day in history class a show where we one day ship nuggets of history straight to your brain. Your ear hole today is February thirteenth. Twenty twenty the day was February. Thirteen eighteen seventy nine Indian poet and activist fair. Jamie I do with born. Naidoo was also the first Indian woman to be president of the Indian National Congress. Her poetry earned her the nickname. The Nightingale of India do was born in Hyderabad India. Her mother was a poet and her father was a scientist and philosopher. She was the oldest of eight children and some of her siblings were activists and poets. Naidoo spoke several languages and she began writing poetry at an early age. She began attending modulus university age. Twelve several years later she moved to to study at King's college and Girton College there. She became involved in the Campaign for women's suffrage when she returned to India in eighteen ninety eight she married a non brahmin doctor though he was from a different cast. The families approved of the marriage. The couple eventually had several children together. Her First Collection of poems the Golden Threshold was published in nineteen o five that same year the British partitioned Bengal which separated the majority Muslim eastern areas from the largely Hindu western areas. Having gained an interest in politics through her experiences and England. Naidoo turned her attention to the Indian National Congress and Ghandi's non cooperation movement. The Indian National Congress is a political party that formed in eighteen eighty five and was at the forefront of the Indian independence movement. The non cooperation movement was a nonviolent effort to get the British government to grant self governance to India. Naidoo joined the Indian National Congress in Nineteen Zero Five. She travelled around India. Speaking about women's education helping impoverished people nationalism. She met with social and political leaders and artists like Gopal Krishna. Go clea- robin threat. Takur in Sarala Debbie to drawn in one thousand nine. Seventeen Naidoo helped found the women's Indian Association along with Anne bessant Margaret cousins and others in the following years. She continued to argue for women's suffrage and speak out against issues like child marriage and Sati when Hindu widows would earn themselves to death on their deceased husbands funeral pyres

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