Locusts could rob millions in an already-vulnerable region of food


Time to head to East Africa now in the huge swarms of locusts that have been devastating crops and grasslands that the U. N. is warning today of the danger of famine in the region if the insects aren't brought under control Ethiopia Somalia Kenya Tanzania and Uganda will be affected and food shortages were were even before the locusts arrive the U. N.'s food and agriculture organization says it needs more money to pay for an aerial spraying to kill the locus and stop them breeding Dominick Cruz is director of emergencies at the FAA we have huge locust presence in Kenya in the it chokes out as well as in Somalia the latest developments being that since the beginning of this week northern Tanzania in the the Cayman general and region as well as north eastern Uganda also affected by the locust situation we have thirteen million people that thought a cute of food insecurity and another twenty million that are on the verge of acute food insecurity so it means that people are already facing Unger I understand yeah but Bhatia's head of agriculture the charity farm Africa she's based in the Kenyan capital Nairobi and she's been telling me what it's like when a swarm arrives it does take bees and but when you look up in the era it's so make millions and millions over black insects that just deterring the sky is so these do these buzz and you know hello to vote these more flies which are quite high the movie informs it doesn't move or live ones it's I suppose because of the wind so they move in waves and you could see the fuss with coming and then they're not really far apart and then you can see just a small distance just maybe even less than a meter and then you see the next form very close by when you look up you can't really see anything other than not just black insects and it is scary all we want expecting them and though I think what drew my attention mostly was the noise from the chip and I wondered where the kids were screaming sold looking up and seeing the locusts I think the local communities having been informed and shown hollow deluca scum is that the door quite free because images the peoples that making noise and but we will grow old and die does a lot of noise who do you and don't you well I think there was no time for panicking or getting worried so it was screening truck should immediately and what happens when they arrive in an area they had to they won't land on the trees all the shrubs all the crops and start eating straight away yes one woman no one from a walk up and down her phone was right where they just invaded on the whole farm so basically what she could see was just she didn't understand what the carpet was about but no on venturing Klose concede that it towards the insects so that's a show can these nothing you can do then when they've watched on to the crow the challenge with the farmers old what farmers have been advised is that make sure they do not touch on their crops the U. N.'s warning of a possible famine if there the Lakers are allowed to continue to devastate crops did did do you agree with that I do agree especially for the livestock yeah I stocks are going to be the primary question keys over the locust invasion eve they do not have any forward any posture they're not it's going to be a challenge for the livestock farmers the challenge I think could no with the feminist thinking that that this is occurring very close to the next season the next season is supposed to be starting in much X. and that's the long green season which most of the phone must rely on soul endo if the low cost I laying eggs on the ground then he means when that crop will be my team the second or third generation over the low costs will be at a very good state you know will be adjusted when the they feed their lot and the adult stage there lately to damage the young crops and that would mean busy carried the from us would go it's it's due for the phone lines because then they're able to get anything out of the crop so I agree with you that yeah you've action is not taken in the very near short term in the next maybe six eight months when yeah you're going to have a lot of challenges with though food is well I'm I'm when you say action that means what I a campaign of spraying pesticides it could be yes but also on the ground as well because I and I think it has to be timely because at this point we don't even need to worry much about that and that's the key thing we need to worry more about the second generation the eggs that are being made on the ground end up it's expected that the the seas on during this is on the ring so going to be here and it's also been predicted that we are going to experience quite good grateful is the soul this is going to be the best growing environment and for crops as well as breeding environment for the low cost as well so the next season is one which is going to be a challenge and they confirm that may be for me to get to making sure that all the hot spots a trees people and they are doing some variants doing sculpting so that we can be able to get to the low cost of the most critical thing at the mall but states once their eggs have been able to hatch endo they're interested where you the two have become be able to fly the flow developed that links yet then we can try to order yeah they they can be controlled at

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