UK's Boris Johnson shakes up government with Cabinet shuffle

The Briefing


Boris Johnson's reshuffling his top team. So they might have been playing cool publicly but the said to be power neue in the cabinet about who still be in the job by the end of the day. The prime minister's having a purge his reshuffle kicked off at eight o'clock this morning next the promotions. By the time. Chris speaks to you this evening. The cabinet level changes will be dumb. So who's in the firing line? One man who appears vulnerables? Ben Wallace the defense secretary. You might remember. He's previously clashed with Downing Street's about defense spending and War Way L. Team in Westminster have also been hearing the names of other junior ministers. Who IN LINE FOR PROMOTION? My colleagues have details of the expected winners and losers and of course follow every twist and turn in our life blog now. He's the mysterious professor at the hall of the trump Russia scandal. Today Josef Mifsud speaks for the first time about his involvement he denies any links to the Russian government. He could be heard in crossfire out. Brilliant new podcast. Us Editor Ben Reilly Smith reveals the untold story of spies lies and an election like no other. There were six episodes. The first ones out today. Please do. Listen and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts

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