Brady: Spinning the QB Carousel

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Brady. And I'll start with this one I just. I would be stunned if he ends up anywhere else. So I'm going to say the CAROUSEL stops and he sticks rate where he is even if he also moved his house and headed out of state. He's not long for New England either way but for another year especially if they end up ponying up phoning up to thirty million or whatever and again the Patriots end it also gives them the opportunity like the colts to draft a quarterback and start developing someone this time though for real. It didn't work out Jimmy G. Because Brady just kept playing but this time they actually would be grooming a young kid for the future Brady stays annoying on who disagrees as who agrees Wi with you hundred percent. Think He. I think he wants to be wanted in. This process might address some of that and then have New England come out in a total pantomine show and say yes. We're going to pay you a a lot. Yes you know. The quote was weapons ad he wants stuff added around him. He doesn't want to be in last year's offense. I think all that New England is the best situation for him for him to seamlessly. Leslie not start over with a new playbook work with Josh mcdaniels and hope that you get it right. Probably the best for the Patriots. Are they really going to do better than him. I think it'd be difficult. I don't buy the talk that he's GonNa the idea that he could make a free agency and this has been on our network to and see what he's worth and then come back. I mean if you're talking about I want more weapons. And he wants the team around him to be good if he gets the the free agency and comes back they have to pay. Whatever Tom Brady is gonNA cost plus thirteen and a half million in dead cap money it makes no sense? I just can't see bill belichick operating like that. I I think the Patriots at some point. We'll have to be. We'll have to say if you reach free agency like we're moving on. They either get the deal done before free agency Z.. Starts or not because otherwise it makes no sense to bring him back plus thirteen million dollars of fake money He Lord knows knows he's earned the benefit of the doubt but I'm still floored by how much benefit the Dow. He's getting compared to other quarters. I agree and people keep mentioning the titans and if here the titans why in the world you've got Ryan Tannehill who you're probably going to keep. Who can escape pressure? Athletic and can hit passes down the field. And you're going to move on from him for the Tom Brady. Who played in two thousand nineteen? I don't see that only the only issue there is that any of the thirty one other owners would would sign up for scenarios like that many cases where Tom Brady changes everything. People think about your team for the next year from a coach angle. I do under like if the this is one where the insiders don't have a good read on it kind of like Peyton manning back in the day because it's such a big deal but if you believe that the insiders had a read on it really feels it's just chargers or patriots that there that there's not gonna be the level of interest by any other team and even that the chargers feel like it pretty big underdog in that scenario

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