Birds Of Prey Gets A Title Change For Box Office Boost


There was were going around that Warner brothers who changed the name of the birds of prey movie because people were searching a Harley Quinn and not knowing that the actual movie was called birds of prey and they're actually a little shocking that up to the disappointing opening they expected that open between fifty and sixty million dollars and it was number one but it open with thirty three million that big disappointment they say they forty five to sixty million well Margot Robbie is hot and I don't mean looking and while she's that too but she's she's a pretty big name right right on that's everything she does is pretty pretty good and that character is your respect will do better right you really would I mean there's a there's a punk rock superhero thing happen in there that whole should do great why isn't it well they're thinking it's because it's called birds of prey although the full title is called birds of prey and the fan tabula as emancipation of one Harley Quinn that's like you know not how their listing it I so they have now changed the name to Harley Quinn birds of play birds of prey the the movie's budget was ninety five million dollars and they're hoping that changing the name will give it a better a better number this weekend it turns out the Warner brothers didn't change the name the theater chain said they were like okay known came as US movie that's right Harley Collette's listed this as Harley Quinn birds of the main thing this plenty of times you know people in marketing go all is going to be huge and then for whatever reason it doesn't resonate and you have a flop on your hands and you can't you everybody's looking at scratching their head gone seems like it was a no brainer well because girls didn't attached to it the way people expected girls to look up to this hero is and maybe boys went that's not for me yeah who knows I don't know I'm not saying I know pointing opening now and and you know let's hope for their sake that it was no one could find the movie her nose cold birds of prey I don't believe that I had in there but you know let's give a big thumbs up as they head into the

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