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My guest today is Tim Staples he is the CEO of share ability and the CO author of the book. We're going to talk about today. Break through the annoys the nine rules to capture global attention. So Tim Welcome to show. I'm awesome you know. I guess the first thing. We'll definers What are you calling noise that we need to break through? This is the way I think about this book. Is that you know thirty years ago when you look at communicating a message most of the Megaphones of society. We're owned by big corporations so movie studios studios or television networks radio stations so if you wanted to become famous as an individual or if you wanted to get a message out as a brand it it was really difficult or really And so as a top of all of the Internet happened everything changed and and we effectively now have the smartphone. Basically have a movie studio in our pocket rights now everybody can break everybody broadcast to the world and so we live in kind. His aides were like trying to get youtube famous. People are broadcasting to their mother's basement but what it means is it two thousand nineteen. The good news is that everybody has a megaphone. The bad news is that everybody has a vagabond and shouting into all day long every day to the point that most people itunes to almost all of it out as talk about break aways. It's like how you crashed through the millions of messages commercials in people trying to come all his long. And actually get your your message heard in out in the audience and I think sometimes people here that like breaking through and crashing through and and all that means is like turn up the volume. Do something more viral you know. Forget about the fact that it has any value of the brand. You've just gotTa get noticed. I mean I'm I'm wondering wondering if we're coming over that too. Yeah we are. Yeah I always talk about yet rally in for you know. We've we've done a lot of big viral hits so that we can ask the Lasco make things viral which is a tough thing to be asked repeatedly but but I think we've kind of moved moved out of the age of reality in terms that we've moved into what I think is the age of share ability and that's about how sharable and and and specifically how are you worthy of a share yen and is there a formula for that I mean. Can you look look at something and say well. We've got to build this and then it's got to do this and then sky do that and that'll make people shared. I mean this is it that simple or is it the thing that we are talking about with a simple statement which is at nobody cares. Phases mindset of the default position. Where you're doing something you don't see the international air- right and and so I think basketball ball? My said is that okay. Now how do I actually create something that people are GonNa care about other things and concepts Insisted with a lot I take it you talk about but but the first one is simple. It's focused on value right. Like how do I think about okay. I WANNA reach this particular audience instead of focusing folksinger me in trying to protect it after. Then how do I think about it what they want and finding unique way to give it to them right which is a really simple concept but I think what most people miss is like. What is the audience wants? And how do I put that in my own unique voice that will be valuable. I I think a lot of the challenges because we're wired to think. How do I get them to buy our get him to like share and sometimes that runs counter to what it would be valuable to them he added? We do a lot with with a brass in her so hard wire. Yeah to sell sell sell purse like I feel like the last thirty years. Is that glad. Advertising approach programs in early beat fast and and try to rejected a message on the audience. That may not lie. And what we've seen. He is what he just start with value and I can be a lot of things ready to be education and the entertainment could be anti. You know there's a lot of ways in provides providing audience if you that percents give them ninety. I you completely change your relationship. If you try to sell their on their heels lean coming back. They're moving away from you if you get value out of the forward and you WANNA learn more about you as now so your relationship that you know you can actually Pity move toward the sale trying to start with US l.. I know in my own experience and I'm sure they're different. People like different things I I know that when when something like I'm expecting X.. And I get why a likes surprises me. I know those are the those are the things I remember the most and I'm probably more likely to tell somebody about is that is that one of the sort of formulaic aspects of you. Know How you get somebody to pay attention attention. Yes we allowed research on the science side like The human brain works as far as very consistent. United Asia's also across regions around the world. And we've identified These emotions that You know provoke people share and you're reunions right very emotional creatures and emotional piece of it is something completely lost in kind of the old school advertising. It hasn't it's like okay. How could it connect with something an feel something and I feel something then? I'll be part of that conversation appreciation Earn as actually five emotions that we've identified are all positive emotions that we found are the most effective at least Russ take people being forwarded share and so I walked through the first motion is is is happiness right and I think we live in a world right now. Everybody would agree that there's a lot of polarization at people are are split. Apart and there's a lot of negativity on the internet or leases feels that way and select giving people a small During their day even just a little smile or go to social media. Gone phone in a breakthrough meeting as really really really awful concept so the first principles happiness joy the seven principles we call saw is like a feeling of respect where he just. Aw Wow that's nothing I haven't seen before so it could be something that is. Is You know you you literally launching acting the moon that you haven't seen before or it could be accolate. This narrative acted and his nation's orange. Go Wow what a cool thing today. Did somebody completely unexpected kind of warm my heart and be my all the negociants call curiosity so this is all about learning things about the world that you didn't you hadn't seen before you didn't know and is allowed kind of educational content. It doesn't select where he can provide a lot of adding to the audience for the motion is empathy. Your sympathy is feeling bad with somebody but empathy is actually putting yourself in their shoes and having that shared connection Napkin do really really powerful And then the last motion surprised is basically giving something that they didn't expect in unique way And those are the five oceans. Plenty more down. Joe Like angers really a powerful emotion but probably doesn't hit most brands right or or status is powerful emotion but shuts down. You don't WanNa share and sad right because you made your friends at so their emotions but we find these. The most positive proactive ocean posit.

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