What exactly are 'war powers' and why is Congress voting on them?


The United States moves with me to translate into action the United Nations call to arms against the aggressor American occupation troops in Japan are hurried to the defense of the Korean Republic combat units of the United States Marine Corps arrive in Vietnam joining other marines already there the peak in the pattern was Lyndon Johnson's Gulf of Tonkin resolution in nineteen sixty four that led to the escalation of the Vietnam War last year act of aggression directly around persons okay brings home to all of us in the United States once a restaurant of the peace and security in Southeast Asia nearly a decade later as that conflict had stretched into another president's second term Congress rallied to reassert its constitutional role good evening the Congress of the United States in a historic action today made effective a limitation on the powers of the president to make war in nineteen seventy three democratic majorities in both chambers past the war powers resolution requiring the president to notify Congress within forty eight hours when troops were sent into harm's way that legislation also required president to end any foreign military action after sixty days unless Congress had declared war or passed an authorization for the use of military force a phrase that's come to be known as in a U. M. F. since then however the law has fallen short of its author's intent in part because presidents found ways to work around it and also because Congress has shown itself willing to follow the president's lead in matters of foreign conflict there's a new war this morning in the Persian Gulf a rock turns to blood shed to settle its oil price dispute with quite a different level of difficulty arose after Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein invaded his neighbor country of Kuwait in nineteen ninety this is the seventh week of operation desert shield and now they're about a hundred fifty thousand American military in the region and the number is growing every day president George H. W. bush deployed hundreds of thousands of US troops to the Persian Gulf region before Congress had taken a vote to authorize I know what it's like to have fallen comrades and see young kids die in battle and it's only the president it should be asked to make the decision Congress did authorize that use of force by relatively narrow margins in January of nineteen ninety one and the first Persian Gulf War began just days later since then we have seen presidents outmaneuver Congress again and again president Bill Clinton in the Balkans and later president Obama battling ISIS in Iraq and Syria president George W. bush called for two authorizations for the use of military force the first just days after the terror attacks of September eleventh two thousand one I was immediately approved military action against terrorists wherever they might be and bush soon send forces to Afghanistan good afternoon on my orders the United States military has begun strikes against al Qaeda terrorist training camps and military installations of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan the following year Congress debated and approved another authorization this one focusing on a rock the debate was emotional but in the end the vote empowering President Bush to go to war with Iraq was larger than the vote eleven years ago authorizing his father to take on Saddam Hussein one or both of these measures has been cited to justify it literally thousands of drone strikes and other military actions against those the US has labeled terrorists ever since it appears the US military has launched a missile strike in a rock including the one that killed Iranian commander customs money this month a revered Ronnie in general and one of the country's most powerful military leaders is considered by the you asked to be a terrorist president trump has often describe bush's two thousand three invasion and occupation of Iraq as quote the worst single mistake on quote in the history of US foreign policy but President Bush can at least argue he submitted his request to Congress before his invasion of Iraq began trump has yet to seek congressional approval for any of his actions in the Middle East very very nearly three thousand additional American troops have been ordered to the Middle East tonight at midnight and in the latest instance in the did not even inform congressional leaders of his plans other than via Twitter he said some of his opponents among the leaders in Congress could not be trusted with the information in that atmosphere of mutual distrust it is hard to see how the founding fathers ideal of shared powers could succeed in war making or any other aspect of national

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