Parnas presented to Ukrainians as speaking on Trump's behalf


You're really at the time was the general. The first thing I did this to introduce myself and tell them I'm here on behalf of really Giuliani beyond the president of the United States. And I'd like to put you on speakerphone for you. Know to confirm which we did we put you on. The phone rudy relate to him basically that we were there on behalf of the president of the United States. And you were there to speak on president. Trump's behalf exhibited those exact words. Mr Parnasse says that when he was taking meetings to advance this scheme taking meetings with various government officials in Ukraine he says it was a regular occurrence. It was the way those meetings started. He would put rudy. Giuliani on phone on the speakerphone in the room and he would say explicitly. Mr Giuliani would say explicitly that as the president's personal attorney he could affirm that left Parnis. was there air at that meeting. In Ukraine to speak on behalf of the President of the United States Donald Trump in May of last year may twenty nineteen. Mr Giuliani started speaking with reporters about his plans to travel himself to Ukraine to try to enlist the Ukrainian government's assistance to help hoped his client president trump. Basically in his re-election effort he said he was going to Ukraine to try to get them to announce investigations into Vice President Biden because that would be very very helpful to his client in the resulting firestorm of criticism. Mr Giuliani's trip was called off in May when he called off the trip. Mr Giuliani Johny made public statements. Criticizing the new government of Ukraine saying that Ukraine's new president was surrounded by enemies of the United States and for Ukraine that it was a really big deal right Ukraine. A country at war with Russia is a country very much dependent on both the reality and the perception of their having strong support from the United States government. And so when Mr Giuliani as the president's personal attorneys started making public claims the new Ukrainian president was surrounded by enemies of the United States of America. That's why he wasn't going to Ukraine at that point. The Ukrainian government kind of freaked out that kind of criticism from the new administration for their new new president in Ukraine. And that's a potential death sentence for their country so at the time that happened left part was in Ukraine in Kiev. At the time all of that happened and he told me today that he was tasked by Rudy Giuliani in that moment to crank up the pressure on the government of Ukraine to make even more insistent and obvious is an even more onerous this threat and this demand that Ukraine must announce investigations into Joe Biden. Or else it. Did you meet with Ukrainian official name. Sergei Schaefer Circuit Schaefer is a very senior aide to presidents Alinsky. It has been reported as far as we understand from public reporting that you conveyed to Mr Schaffer. The exact quid pro bowl that you wanted Celeski Alinsky to announce investigations into Joe Biden or military aid would not be released to Ukraine. Is that accurate. It was a little bit more than that Aw Basically The message that that was supposed to die gave Sergei Schaefer was a very harsh message that was told to be to give it to him in a very harsh way. A not in a pleasant way to give it to harshly mayor Guiliani Rudy told me After a meeting the president the White House he called me. His message was wasn't just military. It was all eight. Basically the relationships would be sour. You would stop giving him any kind of aid that unless that there was an announcement made several several demands at that point a the most important one is the announcement of the bite. Ministration did you also convey convey to him that the US government would stop showing support for mistress Alinsky. They wouldn't attend the inauguration those that was the biggest thing. Actually that was the that was the main Wasn't because at that time you have to understand the way you create now is for presents alinsky winning on that platform being a young president and not really having any experience the number one end being at war with Russia at the time the number one thing for them was not even eight and I know it sounds crazy but it was more of a support for the president resident by having a White House. Visit by having a big inauguration by having all the dignitaries there that was the key and at that time There were already aware because of their Conversations with the I guess what the embassy that President Vice President Pence was supposed to come to the inauguration was already discussed and they were replanning and now they were just working on days. That would be good for him at our meeting. I was very very heated. Conversation from our part to him. Basically telling What needs to be done? I mean basically me and at the at the at in the conversation. I told him that if he doesn't the announcement it was the key at that time because of the nation the pence would not show up. Nobody would show up to his inauguration unless he announced an investigation into Joe Biden No. US officials Dell's particularly vice president. Mike Pence would not come to do so the day after that meeting that you had on the twelfth. Aw I believe it was the following day that in fact vice-president pence is a visit to the inauguration was cancelled after my phone. Call the conversation conversation that I laid out to. Mr Schaffer was basically what I was told to do. By Giuliani of the president. And then afterwards I relate back to them saying that he's going to get back to me later tonight and we're supposed to meet then around eight o'clock or nine o'clock at night. I texted back against saying any word. What's the situation and at that point Because because

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