'Survivor: Winners At War' - Jeff Probst On The Impact Of Fire Tokens

Rob Has a Podcast


Thought pope said in his interview with Dalton. And please correct me if I'm wrong that they wanted to guarantee the winners a chance. An honest honesty game. Yeah so they went with interesting. I took that to mean that everybody knew about if they're gonNA if they know about it yet in the preseason but the way that it seems like it structured. Where you have fire tokens and you're exchanging fire tokens with people on the edge of extinction? That I think that if they if they do not know yet I think they will know almost immediately as soon as you know. The first person voted out. And this sort of like this opportunity to say this Trading between the people on the edge of extinction and the people that are still in the game. Okay Yep so. We'll see we'll see we'll we'll see we're talking about some friends for Tony. That might be out

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