The 'On Point' Iowa Caucus: Where Do Voters Stand?


This is on point Magneto Birdie. We're doing something a little bit different this hour. Were experimenting with an on Point Mini Caucus. Because the Iowa caucuses or about three weeks away now and so we're kind of we've created this metaphorical room in our minds. Eye Radio version of a Iowa precinct. Here and seeing what Iowa voters think as they look towards basically casting their first votes In this presidential election season we started out the hour hearing from supporters of Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Bernie Sanders before the break. We I heard from two neighbors in Cedar Rapids Iowa. Who won who was all in for Mayor Pete Buddha Judge and another and Solomon who is still going to stand the corner for Cory Booker and wait to see who might convince her to move somewhere else and now? Let's talk about people tussling over Vice President Joe Biden. Here's the moment yesterday from the Democratic presidential debate in Des Moines. Where former vice president Biden really noted his broad support? He said that he has nationally so here he is look. I've been the object. She's affection now more than anybody else. I taken all the hits. He can deliver. And I'm getting better better in the polls my going up and by the way I have overwhelming support from the African American community overwhelming more than everybody else in this operation Vice President Joe the last night and when he said I've been the object of his affection now more than anybody else on the stage. The vice president was referring to President. Donald Trump. Let's go to Jane Who's calling from Fairfield Iowa Jane. You're on the air what who do you think you're going to be caucusing for thank you very much for your show My my husband and I have had The same issues as I think it was very league. Who wasn't sure who she was going to vote for In the caucuses who she was gonNA side with And Our experience was that there were a lot of good ideas out there that you know when we went to see each candidate we thought yeah. That's a good idea. Or that's a good idea. And that's a good idea and then about two weeks ago we went into See Joe Biden in Grinnell and we realized by you know listening to him being with him. Yeah that we were for sure going to call 'cause for him and The reasons I mean I know I have to be sync but One thing is that he can take the reins of the government immediately He doesn't he's completely capable. Oh and he's he's He's very cogent. His answers were extremely informative and comprehensive comprehensive. He's very competent and other reason is that he he wasn't ranking about anything he was. We felt much better or from being with him because we feel that the ideas presented by most of the candidates will find their way to policy in the united the states. But this is a man who is kind is only mentioned his generous of heart and he's very competent. So we I feel like he has the best chance of unifying that country anything else important. It's unify the country's right. Well Jane thank you so much for your call. Let's go to Robert. WHO's calling from Grinnell Iowa Robert? You're on the air. Hello yes we're we are definitely definitely caucusing for Bernie the last time around we caucus for burning. We knew eight at vowed. Second Amendment voter never voted re- democrat in his his life he caucus for Bernie. It was about healthcare Bernie is willing to make changes. People voted for trump. Because they wanted a change they. I didn't want things as they were. Which is what Hillary is not going to change anything? They wanted changes so they voted for trump. Because it was it it was a vote for either no change or vote for change and they voted for trump. That's why we've caucusing for Bernie Bernie is willing to change things. So that means that you definitely wouldn't caucus for senator. Sorry doing that. Vice President Joe Biden not definitely not Biden. Okay okay. We'll Robert. Thank you so much for your call now. Okay we've heard from various folks who have their mindsets on their on their candidates but it turns out that about right now in Iowa. Iowa seems as if undecided voters undecided. Iowans might be forming the biggest block of Iowa caucus goers. Let's talk to go back into our own point caucus caucus room and talk to to currently undecided Iowans. The Real Wenzel joins us from Waterloo Iowa. She's Laura's director of marketing for Ymca of black of county and is currently decided perhaps leaning towards Andrew Yang Laurel. Welcome to you. Hello it's great to have you and also also from Cedar Rapids Iowa. Tom Fuller joins us. Tom is a retired maintenance supervisor. For the city of Cedar rapids. Tom Is currently undecided. As well did did have his heart on senator or his mindset on Senator Kamala Harris before she dropped out of the race so Tom Welcome to you. Okay so Laura let me ask you first here here. Whoa what's keeping you undecided right now? What have you not found in any of the candidates that you feel like you can throw your full support behind a unifying presence? I think is what I don't see in any of the candidates especially last night on the debate stage age. I was really disappointed that there is nobody that was wanting to come by Ya with the rest of the candidates and be like. Let's do this together because is inevitably. That is what is GonNa Happen. Ray Inevitably we're GONNA have one candidate and it's going to be Democrat versus Republican. But I don't feel like anybody is on the same page on that stage and it's frustrating. Because I want a unified spirit within the party which is why I go to caucus because I go to caucus for the policies of the Party as well as the policies of the individual. Okay so tom you actually truly still undecided or you kinda trying to be leaning one way or the other well I'm still undecided. I am I to me. It seems like we have a a large field of very qualified qualified people and so That makes the decision harder because they're all good so what I'm considering going to is Someone that can immediately restore our credibility With the world We think we're the laughing stock now. And I think we need to regain our The Mantle of leadership and respect and get our credibility back back and a friend of mine who was a cory booker supporter. Very adamant he just the next day went to Joe Biden very strongly and so I've been looking at Ah Biden That would pretty much. I hope restore credibility with the world pretty much outta the gate and it seems to me that when you have this confusing Mass of people that having somebody with the roots being with Obama and all of his is years in the Senate That sort of a direct line with all these other candidates kind of warming around rounded doesn't let me if I may just let me just tip toeing here again Because Lorenzo did I hear you Kinda side it was very strong side regarding regarding Joe. Ab Thinking about Joe Biden. But you're it sounds like anybody but joe I mean I think that it's a fallacy to assume that his credibility outside of the United States is going to provide any sense of security when he's an office I think that unfortunately impeachment aside the The investigation that trump was going going for it has really broken thy confidence in Joe Biden. And that's something that we haven't really heard at least I haven't heard much about Out You can be darn that he's GonNa late into that on the debate stage if Biden becomes the nominee. And and. I'm concerned I'm concerned. It's going to be another Hillary Clinton where you know you supporter. You'll like her and then all of a sudden this thing comes out and it's like Oh okay so. Let's listen coin to unify unify the party. So let me ask both of you got a couple minutes left with the two of you and Tom. I'll start with you. Is there anything that you heard from your fellow Iowans this hour. That might convinced you one way or the other not yet the to women's that go to the same church or re really really Enlightening and I'm going to re listen to this and Listen carefully to what they had to say. Cedar Rapids Nothing you know. No no we pick for many yet. it's still not three weeks certainly very interesting points. They made I still think maybe I'm I'm leaning towards Biden Haydn The reason that trump went after him I feel like trump thinks that he's the strongest candidate and and that's why he attacked him. I'm hurry everybody thinks he's the strongest candidate. I mean you can see it on the debate stage last night. They wanted to give Elizabeth Warren the last word and then all of a sudden Biden was able to rebuttal before the commercial break. I mean everybody expects Joe Biden to win this nomination Shannon I I think that's the disappointing thing is that We we have all of our hopes and dreams and this guy that is just. She's tired he looks tired. He looks you know like like he has so much that he wants to give by. He physically is just not going to be able to do it. And I I understand. Stay on that So that's why I'm just like you know you are. You are a great idea and if you could just throw your support against another our candidate I feel like that would be best in the end but you know that's not GonNa Happen for alcock Laurel. Did you hear anything this hour. That might have helped clarify in the direction. You're going to go in a couple of weeks. You know I did I. Did you know I've been. I've been fighting with my interest in Elizabeth Warren. Because I remember when I first saw her on the daily show with John Stewart and she reminded minded me of my history professor. Because that's what she wants and I have been fighting with that instinct to feel you know cast down in by her in a sense like she knows everything but at the same time I do feel like she has the best candidate on that stage and that her policies are really about the people they impact. They will impact me and my family with my son who needs long-term long term care Because he's disabled I just I'm ready for a woman. I'm ready for that feminine touch so I really if you like between the debate last night and what I heard today Elizabeth Warren seems like the best win and if I might interject I thought thought we'd be passed having I've having to think about either having a man or woman and that we would just be at the place where or we would pick. The best person is really. We've never we have that. We're not that far down the road yet. We shouldn't gender shouldn't matter it should just be the best person and it's I'm I'm pretty disappointed that we haven't gone on that far yet. Well Tom Fuller from Cedar Rapids Iowa. Tom Thank you so much for joining us in our little mini any caucus here really appreciate supporter and definitely go back. And listen on radio DOT ORG. That's where you're gonNA find it okay. Let us know what you think about. What an libby had to say and and Laura Wenzel from Waterloo Iowa? Thank you so much for joining us in our little mini caucus room here seeing you. It was a great opportunity and I hope that everybody everybody that's the thing goes out and caucus on February third. Yeah same here definitely and everybody should always participate in the electoral process as much as they possibly awesome. Cancel Laura thank you again okay. So that that was worthy more fascinating hours that I've had a chance to listen to so let me turn back to our on point news analyst Jack Beatty the Marvelous Jack Beatty. Who's been listening in from Hanover? New Hampshire Jack. We've got about two and a half minutes left here. What did you hear well? Well I heard voters who were just not only interested but intensely interested and and and and Laurel we actually. We heard an informed. Cy I mean even her. Cy was informative. We knew what she meant. And and it you know the one of the knocks on the caucus focus is undemocratic he to the no secret ballot. You've got to stand at a at a at a place for polling placer church basement for hours you've got to do it in public but on the other hand that encourages people to talk in public and look how these people talked to each each other. Not Past each other met. The arguments met the objections. Saw The merit In the other person's point of view it seems to me it modeled old Iowa's citizenship at its best. I I would agree right. I mean hearing hearing and in Libby and Lorella Lorella and Tom and and Barney and Mike all engage with each other was really inspirational. But as you said the actual caucus itself I mean I read someone described it a sort of like. It's almost a student council student president election because it can be so wild but to your original. Appoint though Jack was made at the beginning of the hour we've got about thirty seconds left here. Is there anything that you heard in these voters. That changes your your concern that you know. The Iowans wins. Don't really pick winners. Well their concern to pick a winner and that may matter as much as anything I mean. I didn't hear here purity. I didn't hear someone saying well. My commitment is to this candidates ideas above everything. Everyone seemed to hedge. I want onto winner. Maybe they'll pick one right. That definitely came through loud and clear with with all of our Iowa state but the reasons why they think their candidates might be a winner. We're quite different from one another which was absolutely fascinating so Jack Beatty Point News analyst with us from Hanover. New Hampshire the New Hampshire primary hot on the heels of the Iowa Caucus. Jack ackward diving all in now. Thank you so much for joining us today.

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