'Birds of Prey' is a barrage of bone-crunching mayhem


Birds of prey yes or the full title birds of prey and the fabulous fads habilis emancipation of one Harley Quinn you go yes because this movie is less about birds of prey and it's more about Harley Quinn because Margot Robbie did in the first in the suicide squad movie and we're like okay we want to see you know more of Harley Quinn now the suicide squad movie was not particularly well loved by movie critics old now and I think some fans were looking to do was make text has mixed I thought it was just fine it was the ending that was the problem well my problem with that is that it seemed to be edited by Cuisinart then there's that yeah the you you've got the joker in the movie he should be your big bad right instead we had this unknown strange magic big bad yeah that I took out of it yeah so but this movie a little different experience yes this Harley Quinn has broken up with the joker I knew they want they want at once and once and for all finally I mean they've they've you know separated before but they got back together this time on a shirt couples this time for sure I hope so and that that causes a problem for harlequin because without that without being the joker's girlfriend it's free it's open season and everybody wants to kill her and there's a lot of people she's been wronged over the years to think okay I I don't joker will come and get me now I'm in a killer no protection no protection so she she S. deals just deal with that and other things happening and then we ought we we bring in these new characters black Canary the huntress and detective Renee Montoya the plate played in order by journey smaller Val merry little Mary Elizabeth Winstead who like and route Rosie press and they are all after the same thing which is just trying to bring down this mob boss played by you under Gregor who you and McGregor obi wan and and who's who who is is really crazy out there yes and also has a superhero name because your real name because you know yeah it's a lot the black mass black mass in his name yes so you got all that and again thrown in a blender in la and and hit frappe pay and you get craziness and most of it built around Margot Robbie narrating in that Brooklyn Bronx Bugs Bunny accent that Harley Quinn house and trying and this will be trying so hard to be DC's version of Deadpool yes this is rated R. it's rated R. it's it's hard violent and it's it's jokey NY's cracker he and all that that said a lot of it kind of works and a lot of it is that he had the director Kathy M. woman director woman screen writer all women characters it is nice to see a kick **** action movie that is from the female gaze because it's different it's and it's it's interesting it's unusual and and Margot Robbie can do no wrong Margot Robbie can do very little rock yes there's there's I'm I'm not sold on bomb shell I haven't seen it okay everything I've seen here in Iowa yeah so where was the ones that actually is hilarious yeah right when when I heard that she was cast in this movie is in that part I just went that's great and I'm not a work yeah and I like her a lot and journey small bell as black Canary is very cool my my wife saw it and I saw her there and she said now she didn't see the first movie and she's not particularly into these kinds of movies right but she quite liked it she said that the all the characters the women characters were really good except for one with didn't she like again she said I can't say the same though for you and McGregor he didn't seem to be remotely menacing yeah he was he was more out there crazy than than than like really cool crazy yeah yeah but she really liked all of the particularly Margot Robbie right it will be interesting to see if they said if the set up for more birds of prey and whether or not Harley will be involved or not but I know do not there's another service suicide squad movie yes in the works with Jane James Gunn James Gunn is writing and directing and I believe Margot Robbie's and then yes Charlie queen that's that's slated for that yeah all right SO three stars for this one three stars for birds of

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