Easy Annuals to Start from Seed



It is the time of year ellen when I think everybody should be thinking about what am I going to plant in the growing season right and am I going going to purchase plants or am I starting this from seat. Starting something from seed is a way for you to get all kinds of plants looks of plants for less money right. Yes it is. It's a great way to have of really full abundant colorful garden for very little money. But I think there's something even more important about successfully starting from seed. I remember how I felt the first time I saw a plant in my garden that I had started from seed and I swear there's there's nothing like it. I know that sounds Corny as all. Get out but it is absolutely true when you nurture something from seed to plant the feeling Ling of satisfaction is enormous. And I think everybody should get to experience that in their lifetime I agree and the other thing is watching that process. Assess watching the little zied link. Come up whether it's in a pod indoors or outside in the garden one of the most life affirming coming experiences that we can have and we need more life affirming experiences in our lives. All of us we certainly do so. Let's let's tackle the easiest annuals to grow from seed let's start out with annual that you can probably AP successful with if you put the seeds right in the ground because there are some that you may want to start indoors or in pots or even flats outside outside just a little better control but there are some plants that they really do well sewing them right in the ground and Dan. Let's start out with those and I would like to start out with California poppies now. That's something I love and I have never grown from seed. Because because I'm kind of intimidated by the fact that the seeds are so tiny so I'd love to hear how you handle that well and I think you should grow them from seed because the pedal title Sir Edible Ellen. How can you pass this up? I am going to order me some California poppy seeds right away. And what you do. They're the easiest things in the world to grow from seed is in cool weather and in fact you can even so the seeds now in February as soon as you have them in cool weather you take the seeds and you sprinkle them out where you want them to grow and you can just sprinkle them right over the surface of the soil. They need to be on the surface of the soil. These are seeds that germinate best when they have light they also so like places with good drainage so gravelly areas. Oh that's what I was Gonna ask you because you said on top of the soil now. My whole front garden is got a gravel. Mulch can I just sprinkle them on the ground and let them. Oh yes and kill them on the gravel and then a little later in the spring once on smartvestor starts falling and the temperatures warm. A little bit you will see very tiny fern like seedlings of California poppies coming up and the great thing about California poppies is when they're happy from now on they will feed themselves. Once you have them you will have them in those locations and maybe some others every year without you ever sewing Wing another seat. So that's a great thing about California poppies. I love that idea. And of course the fact that they're edible means that I actually can plant them in my garbage so thank you very much. Co another annual that you can plant directly in the garden And that's also edible surprise. Surprise is Nester Shem and I love love For so many reasons they're gorgeous. Both the leaves and the flowers are edible. And you and I made a very tasty ministership sean cocktail last summer. If I remember correctly onus tertius are wonderful to put in just about any cocktail you can think of. I think the flavors can go so many directions Sion's but even just just putting a few flowers in the Shaker with the spirit of your choice and shake it up the color her goes in so you get that gorgeous color then you strain it all the debris out and garnish with another nasution flour It is wonderful wonderful and this is a great thing to go from California. Poppy seeds to new CERTIAN. Because we're going from very fine seeds that are almost like dust. Yes who big round seeds that get poked into the ground that you don't put on the surface right right right and that's why I like them because they're so easy to manage you know they're they're big enough so that you can plant them exactly where you want them you don't have to sprinkle them they're easy to handle with your fingers. These do not require light. In order to germinate in fact they require darkness. These are annuals that will not only grow but they will flower all summer long and into the fall and that's a nice thing. California poppies tend to flower best early in the season and then once it gets hot the kind of close up shop and take a break but not in a stir shrooms have very long bloom season and the way they spread they can they can be a great ground cover. You can train them up a trellis. It's it's a fantastic annual plant. Really brightens up the garden. Now I want to add another sprinkle sprinkle on the surface. Plant here At that really makes a good companion with Mr Cham's if you want to grow them in the same area and that's so listen you know the the just the standard lobe you'll area you can take those seeds and sprinkle them out whether it is in gravelly areas they also would do well with the California poppies or whether it's right in certain areas of your garden and they will germinate and grow and like the California poppies once they are established they will self seed from year not

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