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Ladies and Gentlemen Boys Girls Michael Visa hit from the podcast. I'm here with Donny. Calls from Kenji. Roi Why that is one of those underachievers Founded the optimization enlisting agency Kennedy are Y is is to Actualize Freedom Caucus and Waco's a lifestyle enthusiast living in Bali. I guess if I lived in Bali I would probably be more enthusiastic chrome lifestyle as well so along with apparently quite a few of the US by While as an Stocksi living the dream so we had a really fantastic presentation down the summarizing the staying the three elements which you mentioned which keyword optimization key info communication and persuasive desire to Seemed like tastic three so big picture hooks to hang stuff on so the next obviously to look at it. Listing is can we dealt with woods a great Didn't catch folks. I Radi Greedy Edgy. To listen to watch even better. The presentation on the video. Formats educates amazing. FDA DOT com slash. Kenji K. E. N. J. you'll be able to find. And if she downloadable Donnie as well. So let's get into photography that and so what are the basic principles fuel product photography. So you've go to very principle driven strategy driven way of looking at words quite sure you have a similar strategy from the products. What are the first principles would be? Buy Y yes. Product photography is the most important part of an Amazon listening for the conversion rate actually converting people to sail. It's not going to get people to your listing except for the main image because you need the rescuers and everything like that but once they're on your listing that's basically their impression of your products and a lot of people will they're cutting out the wrong impression and just because they have a couple of good images doesn't mean you can get away with having one or two really terrible Just think about it this sway. You know we're human beings and we do actually judge each other based on appearance whether you like to think so or not and if you show up to work does address really nicely for seven days in a row but then on the eighth day you showed up without any pants on people are going to judge you pretty strongly based on that right. I don't think you're go that you're less Depends on what kind of job you have. I suppose. But that's the impression that you're putting if you have six really great images in any seven images just garbage edged like with your iphone and the lighting this you can barely tell what your product is right. So every single image matters on Amazon. The the second biggest principle I think people get wrong is not having a very specific purpose for every single image. Let's just say that a lot of Amazon shoppers. Do not it read. You're listening they're just GonNa read maybe your title and maybe scan the bullet points maybe scan over your description. better if it's an eight plus content or ABC description but probably. They're going to look at the photos the price and they're gonNA make a buying decision. People are lazy and was an image. You can communicate a much more information in much less less time even if there's no text on image br example if there is a model that is wearing a rain jacket for example wearing a rain jacket. And they're out in the forest forest and they're getting rained on his and his ripping over top. There is a ton of information in that image. Right there it is showing roughly how the fit of the rain jacket jacket like is it. Does it show up really drooping model to show up super tight in showing that the hood is over in a show that totally waterproof or shows the water coming off there. It shows edited song geared towards hikers. People are using it outdoors. It just. There's so much information your brain can insulate take in from an image rather than reading which is much slower so you WanNa have a very specific purpose for each one of these. I recommend creating your shot list in advance. Whether you're doing the voters yourself or you're getting a professional the company that you report your your buddy create a shot lists that is based around the most important things to show about your product. So it's kind of comes back to copywriting principals identifying what the most key benefits your product provides are based on your research and then creating the shortlist from that maybe one of the key benefits alleged that you have. Is You know it repels water right. Let's go with the rain. Jacket example again. How is the best way to show that repels water? You could show. That was a graphic design image with like a rain droplet on it with an icon but probably a more effective way to show that it'd be having D'Amato wearing a rain jacket and a bunch of water. Actually she coming off it. It's it's a flasher way to show that but something like sizing is probably better shown in a graphic design image. Where you have the rain jackets sitting when you have some markers showing okay? This dimension is strictly three inches. This dimension like Chess Dimension is twenty two inches and stuff like that so you really gotta think once those who have your amount of images and you have each one of those filled out. What the key benefit? What is the best type of image? Actually show off that benefit and you wanna be using a mixture of less model graphic design images was some graphics added to them and some studio images was white background. Even if it's just only your niche which are just because Amazon requires that that main image so that is just an overall concept that a lot of people just don't put enough time and energy into and one more thing when it comes to you lifestyle images I see this all the time and it makes me cringe so much when you have a model using your product make sure that the model is actually actually in the act of doing something that you're trying to show. The model should not holding the product in posing like looking at the camera. And like the worst is. When it's a supplemental laments? Something like that or like a skin care product and it's like holding the packaging and just like looking at the camera like they're trying to show but it just blows my mind that people think that that's a good idea. The whole point of having a lot is showing the customer. What they're like? There's going to be like after having products and you know what what kind of benefit you're trying it show comprehensive Elsa so Yeah I like the The Klay mindedness. You very very good at cutting to the chase of this. This was something is really helpful site. Where every image masses Yasser that people will judge and rightly has its against world? Djembe sleep trying to put on some kind of best front especially in a work situation but in a sales situation we all know. It's exited the pets tried to put on the best fraud. Said they show some colored biddle problem even when the Up in what north is going to be like what it tends to your house. Rise was the feeding the APP. The question happened lines. Yeah I was just thinking about. It's it's completely relevant to Amazon Bud. This way you get away with wearing pants. New Pants Transition And not get if you look at online. David conferencing type stuff like with say US the other way. If you get away without Kadett craziness so very good point but joking aside Kevin King these very very strong image at Decades says the secret to be judged on your worst image which is a great old of thumb. So I love the you've reminded us about. I think the point where if you can get get five fantastic images out there but at six one in if it's going to be mediocre so very good reminded on the second one is every imaging having a pep is really important and then the cartoon benefits which is the basics of good salesmanship but a Lotta people mess it up completely. They get abused by this object in front of them stop. Budget crossing offing Why are we so tell me a bit more than if we're going to be very clear about the purpose of each image tightly? I don't say the Started image being. I used to communicate bests than how do we decide. What sort of voter or indeed waltz the machines because the missionaries top purpose? Again that it needs to be benefit different but how do we structure listing as whole so that the flow into each other in some logical order. Yeah so the logical order in my opinion is to go off key info optimization if you guys heard the other podcast episode or we're going over the triple optimize listing. One of those. Three pieces is key impo optimization. That's basically just whatever that list of the most key benefits that you came up with the shot list order those and or importance for the your customers your products and the most important ones should be in the most prominent places realistic. So so the two most important places would be the first three images and then the first little snippet every title after Your First Main Keyword is should be your first name followed by. I most important piece of information. So let's say on a really common one is with food containers kind EP free. He has a real trigger word. People were only looking for BP free food containers. They don't want the cheap Chinese ones that are going to need help but this crazy hormone meddling chemical into their bodies I would put. BPA Free in that second all snippet of the title and then after the main image images by regulations has pure white background and just product product. But I would put that whatever image you have created for. EPA would be the second image because it's just the most important thing

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