Miz and Mrs: Season 2 Episode 2 Review


We're back with episode two of season two of MS and Mrs and my goodness is was an eventful episode last week. We were talking about how we didn't get to see the move to la well here we are in La Moving term this one is I will say less eventful then the last one but it was not without its challenges so we see them packing up the House House. Ms Has to essentially work while. They're moving so he being the good husband that he is gets Murray's professional packers and movers because she's very pregnant by this point so he's a good husband they load up the truck and they also flew to la all of them on a jet yet not a bus a jet so needless to say lessons learned lessons were learned on this one but they had a fun house I I they did but before they had to find a house they basically talk about how like. They swore they were never going to do this again. NOPE and here they are a year later doing it again and and we also learned that they're getting a new addition aside from the new baby in that misses mom and her very creepy collection are moving in with miseries when they go back to La. We'll talk about the cler. I mean that is kind of creamy. Yes it is a little creepy. I'M NOT GONNA lie but but we go shopping for rentals in La. They've decided to rent because they don't WanNa make the same mistake. They did before where they they buy in a bad neighbourhood so they wanna be able to shop figure out where they actually WanNa live this time because they have the other thing of schools now I have to think of schools which will get interesting to say the least So we also learned. Ms Cannot do math. Yeah it wasn't very good at math. He's not good at the math. So we go to Rental House One and has a lot of potential has a really nice yard yard. It's okay on the inside. Maurice really likes it. Mrs Just SORTA MIC. This is house hunters Mrs Edition by the Way Russia House to is all true. Oh sweet it's super modern. Very nice everything. They could want more except for the fact that it's way overpriced and to have pets vets In the house. It's it's extra money in it. Takes the rental price up to ten thousand dollars a month to read this house. Two thousand extra two thousand extra to rent this house and they were built like no. That was a big old. NOPE and then they go to the third house. And there's this lovely park down the street street and businesses absolutely in love with it because it's got a playground it's a place where Marocco go run around. Have a good time. They go in the House and it's really nice and it's actually very very much like their house in Austin Very similar in look and feel and so they fall in love with it and they decide that rental marm is is going to be number three so then we go to ms at work in Kansas City where he meets with talent relations at WHO's Adele relations. John Cone what. He's a senior in your manager. In talent relations like wait. What I had to rewind his go back and watch it again because I was like no no that Tim say yeah that Ted Senior relations of senior manager of talent relations? Who knew who do? We just thought he was was the donor guy and the referee. Apparently he's he's got a day job guys who knew who knew that now that would explain why his kid got the wintertime. There there you go very go. The mystery the Final Vale has fallen guys. So they're looking at MRS schedule because he's basically asking for time off to help. Maurice moved to be a good husband. And he's like okay. Well you know junk like well. You should've Smith snickers commercial so we can't cancel that MS like no. No I want to do do that. And then Congo's well you got this thing at Pebble Beach. We could get rid of that. And Mrs like what Yeah. You're playing at Pebble Beach. No no we're not getting rid of that L.. Do it. She can move on her own. legit which is what he was like. He didn't say it like going through has like yeah. It's Pell B.J. Once what's a lifetime because not everyone can go play beach with him getting the opportunity to play Pebble beach on live television for the US Open. He's like I'll bet in company guy he'll he'll make that that sacrifice but he's not going to tell his wife the to make that sacrifice. Oh He's filming US knickers commercial so we see the the last of the house getting packed up. They take one more selfie in front of the House and the Mrs off to film his his snickers commercial we see him sneak his golf clubs in the garage than he acts like. He's leaving ways from Arista. Go back inside. He gets out of his car runs into the garage. Grabs the golf clubs throws them in the car and then they leave the fact that he didn't get caught on that because they have cameras everywhere. Where is hysterical So then we we land in la where it's Maurice Farben Marjo. Oh Monroe the baby and the menagerie of pets. Yeah so we go to the house. They're walking walking around the house where I was like. Oh it's so nice and misses mom breaks out one of her dolls and shows it to Monroe and Monroe is like very scared of the dull shoes. Carring poor little thing. She was terrified of the doll. It's like all Imerese is like I like our. We'll talk about it later. He's like no no we will. You're not getting that thing near my kid. NOPE NOPE so we've been Marie taking monroe out. I stroll I think going down to the park. And they bump literally into another parent. WHO's walking her son up the hill And they start talking about the area and schools and everything comes comes up. There's a preschool waiting list. Because we're they are is a very exclusive area some of the best schools in the country. And you have to fight to get your kid into into preschool. Never mind the regular schools. Reese didn't realize this and the waiting lists in. Some cases are for years long. That is not an exaggeration that is legit Gitte which I knew about shit like that. So the fact that she didn't and I did is terrifying. So Reese freaks out. She calls Ms and he's like. Don't don't don't rush into anything. Don't do anything. They have a bad connection they get disconnected. And she's like all right. Well I'm going to start calling around schools. I'm doing my research and see what I have have to do to get monroe into a preschool and these preschools. They're not you not your average preschool. They teach your children diction and and thought and Mandarin and all kinds of interesting things that I didn't realize preschools compete. But here we go like like diction I'll say this. They try to teach kids in preschool Spanish. Now I'm like I think teaching them another language at an early age is definitely beneficial. Because it's easier when you're younger I think versus when you're harder when you're older at least I know they're trying to teach my nephew like how to count in Spanish. So that's great. That's Awesome I. I wish I wish they did that for us. Because I'm no one. I had to take languages in school. I was offloaded. New Eh. Wasn't the best. Yeah it was not always do numbers and some works with beyond that was like I don't I don't remember honestly but I just know if they had taught taught us like French or Spanish in school. That would awesome like preschool. I've been awesome. But anyway we cut to Maurice Calling all the schools and they let her know most of the schools are like you're too late. The witless is too long. One lady hangs up on her and she's like okay all right so I'm gonNA or do what I have to do to get monroe into a school so she engages a Mandarin instructor to come to the House to teach monroe how to speak speak Mandarin Chinese. The child is one But she still learn to word through the and they're very excited about it over verbs Meritas like she speaks English. She speaks French and now she's going to speak Mandarin and she's one she's a shoo in. So there's that and then there's MS who has arrived at Pebble Beach. She's checking with every his his group which are all the Fox sports hosts talking all about it and then and then ms ms he was so in the home. Free right like he was so in. Clear Maurice's Nice distracted with schools. She's not going to be paying attention. All he had to do was keep his mouth shut. which apparently the fans cannot do to save their souls soup and what does he do? He calls his father and he tells his father that he's going to be playing at Pebble beach on Fox sports sports on live television and he tells his dad all the details. But there's one detail he said don't tell Murray's so we cut back to Los James Louis Moreau Joe has her frog legs. EMORY's is like no. You're not putting those nasty things in my fridge. And then she gets a phone call. It's George and he asked Marie what channel MS is GonNa be on because he's at Pebble beach and he can't find it on TV. EMORY says like no. He's filming stickers commercial. George like no he's going to be on live. TV playing at Pebble Beach. And she's like what and so she starts flipping through the channels right to find him and of course she finds him and there is a pebble beach playing golf. And Mario's like I don't see any snickers I love March. Oh I missed Marjo so much. The submarine being the good wife that she is ready to unload on him. You know he's on the seventh hole. She calls him. He hangs up on her and she sees him him hang up on her Marcio. Marcio has the best line ever. which is he's dead and he doesn't even know it yet? Yeah you're like. He sowed it 'cause when he hung up on her. Okay you're

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