Erik Gustafsson extends the Hawks lead over the Winnipeg Jets for the win


Let point Gustafson fix of a shot what position does it's just as it had to with this last night we mention the pregame show that he had ten points and ten career games against the Winnipeg Jets as part of our who will my banking on future with market bank well they had two points there the first fourteen minutes eleven seconds and the latter with the primary assist returning the favor as Gustafson did to him earlier in that period Matthew hi more the secondary helper there to make it to nothing that would be how the first period ended hawks in jets with eight shots apiece right before that first period ended at Drake could you love began what would be a March to the penalty box three times totaling eight minutes over a fourteen and a half and it's been care to the secondary but the Blackhawks were able to kill off all four of those penalties to could you'll because first it was interference call that he came back in the second period the four twenty mark to a double minor one for interference in one for unsportsmanlike conduct the kill able to come through there as Winnipeg started pelting shots on robin Lehner and then after the Blackhawks got their first power play chance could you lot went to the box at the fourteen sixteen mark of the second on a trip in court you can laugh about it now because the hawks survived it in one of the kill came through each of those times the only goal that second period was when a big drawing go off of some of that momentum from the power play with with into one when mark Shaklee scored his twenty third of the year so it's just a one goal game heading into period number three but the Blackhawks were able to get that all important question of a goal to make it three one nine and a half minutes into the third Catholic gent line shot the

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