Joker dominates this year’s Oscar nominations


We're talking a Washington post film critic and horn today about the twenty twenty Oscar nominations let me ask you this going back to the joker for a second how does Joaquin Phoenix's portrayal of the joker compared to heap ledgers who won an academy award for different category but he did win an Oscar for his portrayal of the joke really good question I think it's almost you know if if not we're now at a point where these comic book franchises and these comic book art properties are almost like our Shakespeare where you can have different actors interpreting Richard the third and say he's a great Richard the third yeah or I love his Richard the third and it takes nothing away from the other guys you know a livia is Richard the third and or you know versus gilded Richard the third and I I think that's almost where we're at with these interpretations which is fascinating to me so yeah I think they're kind of their their distinctive that to that movies are very different although they're both very very dark and I do think that there is a danger or a kind of a habit with these movies to think that dark is better and dark is more sophisticated their darkest deeper and I don't think that's true but but there is no doubt that this Joaquin Phoenix performance is it's almost frightening how far he goes to inhabit this this persona and there is no doubt that the hundred percent commitment on his part and and it's really admirable I mean it it's almost more akin to the Johnny Cash performance manager just thoroughly inhabiting a character and and just just putting yourself into it a

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