Addicted To Sugar? This Doctor Says It's 'The New Tobacco'


Food there's a teaspoon of sugar and every table spoon of ketchup our next guest says on food is been adulterated poisoned and he's not kidding he says sugar plays a central role in health problems including an epidemic of obesity in infants as young as six months that it's as dangerous as smoking or abuse of alcohol and if you doing The New York Times seven day sugar challenge they say even grapes and bananas have too much sugar Dr Robert listing is professor of pediatric and technology at the university of California San Francisco Dr rod of people no sugar is in health food why is it so dangerous well so people think that sugar is just empty calories and they think well you get some discretionary calories during the day so why can't they be sugar well if sugar we're just calories then they'd be right except they're wrong because different calories in foods are burned and of the absorb digestive metabolized in different ways and do different things and contribute to different diseases so I just want underscore what you said because the rule has always been calories in calories out you've got to burn it off somewhere in the middle and you are saying again that is not true what do sugar calories do right so why are sugar calories so different well they're different for three reasons the first is when sugar is absorbed it goes to the liver and the liver gets overwhelmed because it has a limited capacity to metabolize it just like it has a limited capacity metabolize alcohol just like it has a limited capacity to metabolize many of the toxins that we take in you know because your liver is the detoxification center of your body it has a limited capacity for being able to deal with sugar when you overwhelm it the liver has no choice but to take the access and turn it into a liver fat and that liver fat is the driver of virtually every chronic disease that we are now currently suffering from that's gone up in time so type two diabetes liver problems hypertension cardiovascular disease cancer dementia non alcoholic fatty liver disease poly cystic ovarian disease all being driven by liver fat in the liver fat is because of the ship and so you can basically have alcoholic fatty liver disease if your over twenty one we can of non alcoholic fatty liver disease and it doesn't make a difference because they are identical and so we have done several liver transplants in soda drinkers you know teenagers soda drinkers transplants the insidiousness of sodas and I got a you know this is why I am one of those people I pride myself I don't drink coffee but I picked up a little bit of a soda habit and it's just appalling to think of how well and it's an addiction it's not it's an addiction and you know anybody who says you know I have this horrible sweet tooth that's sugar addiction yeah so sugar is objective in the same way as alcohol in the same way as nicotine cocaine amphetamine heroin shopping gambling social media internet **** all of these stimulate the same area of the brain called the reward center the nucleus accumbens anything that causes the release of dopamine is in the extreme addictive well when you call this the coca Cola conspiracy because you say it's not by accident it's not just that there's a ton of caffeine added to this so it is that makes you then Pete pardon my in elegance they also add salt so the combination makes you thirsty ear so you drink read more exactly so they know what they're doing do you have to put salt in coke there used to be a Cola called royal crown Cola didn't have any salt in it the coca Cola knocked them out of the park but the fact is you don't have to put salt and soda so this is by design well and then fructose was sold to us as more natural sugar it's this is in you know corn and beats and and and such but as you point out one of things I do is I think does which is added to just about everything is stripped the fiber out of it so that has a longer shelf life so it has absolutely none of that benefit and why is from toes as bad as sugar so first of all sugar is two molecules down together glucose and fructose now glucose is not all that bad so great but it's not that bad however fructose because it is metabolized into that liver fat in the liver that's where the problem comes in in addition structures starts the aging reaction it causes what we call caramelization it's the reason for wrinkles is the reason for cataracts this aging reaction this Browning reaction and fructose does it seven times faster than glucose and now we have learned through work done at Joslin diabetes center that truck tows specifically inhibits the mitochondrial enzyme that causes those mitochondria to burn less well which probably is one of the reasons for the persistent weight gain and also chronic disease and the glucose doesn't do that so there are some very specific differences between these two molecules however when you consume any form of sugar whether it's sucrose which is table sugar cane sugar beet sugar the stuff you put your coffee or high fructose corn syrup or honey where maple syrup Oregon eight doesn't matter you are getting one of each molecule and soak sugar is a problem because of the fructose molecules look we we have just a couple minutes left I urge people to watch your lecture but you try a direct line from the state we're in today to the health industry and the government may nineteen eighty two we were told to cut out fats and so everybody went to cards and of course cars are filled with all the sugar that you're talking about and by the way obesity went off when we cut out fats and went to cards you go back to Nixon in the early nineteen seventies who there was a political crisis food was too expensive he directed his agriculture department to cheapen it which they did by adding a lot of these you know corn syrup products you call for hello Sir yeah you called **** toes poison and one would ask why would our own FDA regulated poison well one of our biggest exports is our food of course the food industry pushes back on the your claims in the claims of others but people know what they can see with their own eyes they don't feel well they see their children are overweight a lot of people our age are doing things like The New York Times seven day sugar challenge trying to cut back the first day you know sugar at breakfast how would you help people do this given that it is so addictive and it is so everywhere right so I will be very honest with you we will not solve this problem until the food industry solves it for us and they have no interest in doing so because this is their gravy train this is their job or this is how they went from one percent gross profit margin two five percent gross profit margin in the span of three decades this is their livelihood and they're not gonna do anything they don't have to do and unfortunately the governments in bed with them because they're making fifty six billion dollars a year off export tariffs off our food so the only way we are going to fix this problem is when there are more votes than dollars and right now we're just beginning to you know get some traction in the general public for this issue of food having said that people need to understand what the problem is they don't have to understand the difference between processed food and real food and the difference is processed food is high sugar low fiber hi sugar for palatability low fiber for shelf life real food is low sugar high fiber real food works processed food doesn't process food kills because of these issues and we could repeat could fix this tomorrow if we want to ship the problem is because sugar is addictive people don't want to he one of the saddest things in your lecture is you talk about children who have the serious health issues now that are traced to the juices that they're given and these are low income children the juices come to them to the government wick program exactly right it's going to be tough for you to see those children impossible it's you know breaks your heart you know the fact of matter is these kids are victims and we know who the perpetrators are and the fact is you know the the parents don't understand and so it promulgates itself you know the fact is what mothers eight during pregnancy ultimately impact on the number of fat cells children born wish and those vessels wanna get filled so these kids didn't have a chance even before they were born never mind afterwards I mean how do you blame a six month old for obesity in fact the matter is we have a problem and we have to address it and no one

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