Verizon's non 'bundle' is a bundle!

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Reality Check Time Verizon announced today that it was dropping the bundle to save you money but please can. I have a show of hands who believes that Verizon's rates will be going down because of this. Well I thought so. No one but let's explore this together on today's talking tech. I'm I'm Jefferson Graham so instead of offering you phone service cable. TV An Internet for one. Bundled price. For RISA now says it's GonNa offer mix and match saying that it will let customers choose what they want instead but it doesn't take too long to look at the offer and realize you're not saving any money you're spending just as much if not more and you're still stuck with hundreds of TV channels that you do not want so cord cutters be aware entry level prices include a forty dollar broadband service in fifty dollars. TV package with more than one hundred twenty only five channels including five of your favorites and in verizon throws in the other one hundred and twenty plus fifteen dollars monthly for a router or in other words a hundred dollars plus now that's what many cable companies charge now and several including spectrum will they'll throw in the landline service to and the fact. That verizon is forcing you to get all those extra channels means. It's all semantics Sundell. Let's call him out and tell them exactly what we think of this. It's just differently

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