The 2020 Corvette - burst 17



On this to? Every time they release a new corvette I feel like the it immediately dates the previous version of corvette like the when they release the C seven. The see slicks looked pretty old to me And and all the way going all the way back and there are other models that you know I don't know he's still look like they're they're not great. I if some that I would still cherish power to get one of course but There's a few years in there that I just don't really like personally But what do you think about the c seven corvette but now that you've seen the C eight like would you go back and buy a c seven knowing that you could get associated with the you know dramatically different appearance and it does look like it's the old corvette orphan now right even though still a task car looks beautiful in my opinion. Yeah I don't know I just looking at it. I was thinking. How quickly

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