The Snubs and Surprises of the 92nd Academy Award Nominations

The Big Picture


I'm Shawn Fantasy and and this is the big picture. A conversation show about the Academy Awards. They're here. Amanda the Ninety Second Oscar. Nominations have arrived. How are you feeling bright and early on this Monday morning he I do love it? I don't I don't love being here this early. I was saying to you before before we started recording and it just felt like a disclosure before we get into this podcast. My outlook at this hour of the morning is never the best. WE'RE ARE GONNA be flying fast and loose. That's what happens when you record it seven thirty in the morning. We're going to do our best to not make any mistakes. Some mistakes were made by the academy however will be talking about some of them the snubs the surprises houses. Some of the Nice things that happened with the nominations this morning. It's it'll be a robust conversation about what will be happening on February ninth the Academy Awards. Yeah there are some good do things absolutely absolutely some baffling things. Where do you WANNA start? We start with the big picture. Big Picture let's do it okay. Problem in the big picture do you. Yeah I mean maybe we'll start with the most honored movies that seems like the safest place to start first and foremost first and foremost the joker comes to us with eleven nominations now. Were you surprised now. I wasn't either. Let me tell you something about joker people in the academy love. I love that movie actors. They love it directors. We learned clearly. They love it craftspeople. They love it. Composers there in up and down the board and you've only got one acting nomination for this for walking Phoenix. So you can see how it's it's diversely. Spread across the entire voting body any significant takeaways from joker being the leading vote getter so to speak in this in this race. I didn't expect it to be the leading nomination. I think I expected that to go in nineteen seventeen which is a little bit recency bias and also just because I expected nineteen seventeen to grab every single technical nomination because that's it is Zayd technically accomplished movie so joker winning denominations thing is not what you want it is. It certainly changes the narrative. Maybe I mean it'll change what we talk about this morning. I don't know how much it changes the results on the on Oscar night. It's interesting. How as you prepared to speak about joker you pulled your hair back to a pony tail resignedly? I people know what I think about best and I want to stay right here and right now. It ain't going to change. I think that this is an intellectually bankrupt movie. I think it is the emperor's new clothes. I think that anyone and who thinks that this movie is better than parasite or once upon a time in Hollywood or little women are uncut gems has bad taste and doesn't know things about movies straight up and we can do that for for five weeks or we cannot. I'm at I don't really have the energy to do it for that long. Yeah I don't think that that's I don't think we'll be negotiating that until the movie potentially wins Best Picture which you know not always as the most nominated film the likely best picture winner but sometimes it does happen. Tends to happen with noisy movies. Like Lord of the Rings the return it at King Joker ochre is kind of a noisy movie. This is a billion dollar movie and having this many nominations having this kind of box office having this kind of awareness and having this kind of admiration from from the screen actors is. That's a pretty significant thing. So if we saw a joke best picture win on February ninth. I wouldn't be shocked. I don't know if that's what I'm ready ready to predict at this point but I wouldn't be shocked. I neither and in a lot of ways. It makes a huge amount of sense in terms of the academy has refused to WHO ACKNOWLEDGE COMIC book movies or Superhero Movies for years the academy has been trying to update itself to chew reward new types of movies too like to be current to be younger and that the end of the day the score says he caused play. Look it's tiny. Batman man movie winning Best Picture would be academy esque thing to do. It's true and it would be one year after Black Panther which sort of ushered in a lot of these conversations. What else has been honored here once upon a time in Hollywood and parasite the Irishman? You've mentioned those ten nominations for each movie. I don't think a huge surprise there for once upon a time in the Irish Ryan parasite is excuse me once upon a time in the Irishman ten as nineteen seventeen. Let's just talk about those first four gets parasite and I think that is. This is kind of standard operating procedure seizure. What we've got here is three people who made films who have been hugely recognized in the past Quentin Tarantino? Martin Scorsese Mendis as you said the reasons he buys of nineteen seventeen creeping innocent all weekend thinking nineteen seventeen the presumptive frontrunner for best picture. I don't know if I still feel that way right now. A couple of little chinks in the armor that will take a look at identify whether or not that's still the case any big time takeaways from the ten NAM's for all three of those movies are taking things for granted I am. I know that I'm taking granted. It's fantastic once upon a time in Hollywood got ten nominations. It's fantastic. They got ten movies. Nineteen seventeen very impressive movie. We're GONNA talk more about it later this week. It is less surprising that got ten nominations. You know I I saw someone on twitter describing this as a real like wars and cars years which every year at the academy is that you know the nineteen seventeen is the war part of that but very well made movie I it. So that's good. We shouldn't immediately jumped to all of the griping even though I certainly have and the reason I did that is because Joe got eleven nominations and I really don't WanNa talk about it this early in the morning but there are a great films that are being recognized there are among them is also parasite and little women both of which pulled in six nominations. Yes which is interesting. I am not surprised by either of those things but it is. It is a credible accomplishment. And I think a Lotta people on any kind of film. Twitter sense are frustrated by some of the joker recognition ignition but parasite getting six Oscar. Nominations is insane it is. There is no precedent in ninety one consecutive Oscar categories or excuse me ninety one consecutive Oscars for something like this happening so I take some solace in parasites success. So far I live is my favorite film of the year or was it. Yeah I think I put it at number one very early. It's definitely up there and put it on my decade. Let's no this is an amazing film and like and Bongino hoping direct nominated for best director. That's very exciting. And you are completely right that it was it has become such a quote lock or we we we were so sure of it that we are not like Kinda rejoicing especially in the parasite of it. All little women is the same way. There are a a couple notable omissions in the little women. Nominations that maybe put a sleigh damper on it which we will talk more about but you know it did get nominated for best picture. Sure thank the Lord. I thought that was the one where I was. Just GonNa not show up this morning. Yes so there's something interesting about the parasite. Nominations to be one is that the film was recognized in both best editing and best production design. which are you know? Chris categories and on the one hand that's kind of impressive and shows a broad sense of support amongst the academy. No acting nominations for the movie though. Oh No song-ho none of the other actors in the film were recognized. There's a maybe a case to be made that this is a kind of acknowledgement of like a film mastery mastery but maybe not the same kind of Hollywood is star mastery. That movie like the Irishman or once upon a time in Hollywood receives. I'm not sure where I fall on that. I think it does feel like progress to me to some extent the little women thing you make a fair point which is that on the one hand brilliantly made movie with wonderful performances. It's great that it's nominated for best picture as well. The absence of Greta Gerwig In the best director category something. We'll talk about a little bit more here on kind of what that means. It's kind of dangerous to draw mega conclusions from the Academy Awards. There's only eight thousand people in this group and a lot of them are old and weird so you can't we don't this is even though. This is the sort of the definitive document of movie history story in terms of achievement. It is one of the wonkfest award recognizing bodies in the in the world Academy President David Rubin noted that what makes makes this special is that this is the people who make movies voting on. What is the best movies? And that's part of what makes the ostrich great that's part of what makes them kind of terrible is because there's an insularity into some of this. The parasite recognition is something that makes me think. Maybe this isn't such an insular body anymore. Maybe there are a lot of international voters. Maybe this is changing changing. Maybe the the way that we look at international movies changing in our American culture. I think that's certainly true. And I and I do think that the economy trying to change itself and how we talked about the movies has evolved enough that we were starting in a place where we expected parasite to be nominated expected. Little women to be nominated we were talking about whether uncut cut gems would make an end and the fact that. We're all kind of bummed out about the fact that uncut gems got snubbed. which it your? Maybe you're not supposed to use the word snob in that context. But let's use it always it got snuck. Uncut gems was snubbed and that I think that that in does indicate some some progress wrestle. Change some different lineup than we would have had five years ago and a different approach to the movies on the flip side we can. We can only only addressed the world that we live in. And I do feel because we've been having these conversations for awhile and because it was such an exciting year in a year that has parasite parasite the Irishman once upon a time in Hollywood uncut gems. Little women the farewell. What am I forgetting? I mean all kinds of movie. Sure but you know all vendors and games okay shirt KAZAM. Great Active Pika Chew. Well that was this does I can't help but feel that. This is a disappointing configuration of of that list of movies. It's not totally disappointing. But there is something of. We got our hopes up enough. They are kind of like. Oh yeah this is still the academy. And they're still going to be a lots of nominations for the more traditional types of movies

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