Trump wins Iowa GOP caucuses


Well it's good to Iowa a president trump one big ninety seven percent the victory in Iowa the caucus is a lot of votes Republicans Democrats Republicans got their vote counted in ninety seconds president trump wins results reported ten o'clock boom there's the results Democrats still have no clue department of homeland security this is important confirms that there was no hacking nothing interfered with the Democrats votes what really happened I'm do I'm just betting is that the Bernie one very big Biden got nothing so the votes need to be we count three count them and normally a member at Florida where they had a recount the bush or gore stuff yeah remember they invited officials law enforcement officials to come in and be in the room and they asked the cameras in the media the press to come in and witness the recounting they're not doing that here I guess to streamline the process be more efficient to when you say there's something fishy going on here something fishy something very fishy there's like the Fulton fish market here let's just go over this now what they did was they got rid of all the paper ballots the Democrats said there's no need for paper ballot you know didn't fire metal stuff white cut down trees no paper ballots so they decided to do this digitally they created a nap well they didn't create a nap they brought in Hillary Clinton's people Robbie moved ran the two thousand sixteen Hillary campaign you member rugby move he's the guy the cost or the election he's the guy it meant member in two thousand sixteen all the fake polls kept coming out Hilary's gonna win by ten points Hilary's gonna win by twenty points Donald Trump has no path the two seventy well those are all rigged polls they take Republicans down to nothing in the sample they don't use likely voters are totally rig so Robby mook was the first guy ever in any presidential campaign not to do their own polling they relied on the public polls stupid because they didn't know that the they were losing Michigan they didn't know they were losing Pennsylvania they believe those fake public polls trump was doing real polls here John McLaughlin had the best pollsters in the world so he knew just keep going back to Michigan then it probably move should have known something was up why was truck going back to Michigan eight times last week why we keep going back to Pennsylvania so this Robbie move not the brightest guy in the world and when you hear that it's a tech firm of Hillary Clinton the operatives what do you think what's the first thing you think corruption what's the first thing to go you could trust these people so what they did was these Hillary Clinton people these are Robby mook types they created a company called shadow perfect name as shadow sounded like a right trustworthy company shadow and another one it started out as ground to base the crowd strike this is right up there with crowds straight ground base in shadow went to I with the DNC brought the men to create an app the words the only does paper ballots will do this all in an app that we all the data is transmitted digitally to them but there is a paper trail or try to find that paper trail you go try to get your hands on that paper trail right see where that paper trail is so the app will transmit all the data to the DNC to all these people and they all will give you the results will sound like a good idea didn't with dozens of a good good idea it sounds like you don't want to write this all down and let's have the papers on the ballot so they're saying something went wrong the data wasn't properly transmitted everybody's internal polling from Bernie to everybody shows Bernie one big by and did nothing they're gonna really count also the inconsistency then would be that Joe Biden's numbers were just too long way this can't be right yeah it well check this out I don't know if the data wasn't transmitted something happen other Dutch justice department the homeland security's look in there's no hack anywhere some of the data you'd get transmitted just right then they have another story they put out about out of they got three different sets of data so it doesn't make any sense what does that mean well they suppose they and the idea was they would give you the results from the three different votes the first vote then when people switch their votes and then the final vote I've been doing this for a hundred years it's always perfect again at the results ten no one hears the resigned such a stupid contest anyway why well first of all I mean it's not really I was not represented the United States this isn't really of election you have to go stand in a room or a like a fire house okay took a long walk from corner to corner card yeah but it is representative of the United States I don't think so you in northeastern the leaders come on now I got this like the Andy Griffith show these people aren't represented the United States this is the it's a maybe the

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