In His Own Home: The Ted Ammon Story


Robert Theodore Ammon was born in Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania to Steal Executive Bob Ammon and his wife Betty Lee he news. The first son was born two years after his big sister Sandy. His parents called him teddy and in his got older Ted. The Ammon family had that collect nineteen fifties upper middle class lifestyle. Betty Lee stayed home with sandy and Teddy Betty Lee was an intelligent strong woman who encouraged the two children to be competitive and work hard in school. A school turned out to be pretty easy for Ted who is a pretty bright guy but he also had a photographic memory so so steadying was very easy for him when he was in the eighth grade. His father was transferred East Aurora New York to be in charge of a steel plant. Yes so this was the ideal family. This is how I picture your childhood. The almonds had their family dinner every night followed by homework and they'd go to their various sporting events. Let's Boban was Ted's Little League Baseball coach to Ted was also on the swimming team and he grew up to be very athletic reaching an adult height of six six foot. Four so very tall in high school. Of course Ted was on the football team but he was different than a lot of the jokes because he played the piano quite well and he got excellent grates. He did have several girlfriends throughout his teen years being both a jock in academic he was widely Popular Sandy. His sister would say that she and Ted had wonderful childhoods and as adults they did remain. Close here a bit. He did pretty well in high school. uh-huh here he is an athlete and a break. Y- Y yeah. He had a lot going for him but he heard let girlfriends well. I don't know about a Ladda. He he had several. Okay yeah her nose a lot more than several several more than a lot a lot more than several several psych a handful allot what is dozens. Okay that's the way it is in my brain her think you're embellishing a little bit. But that's okay. It's just how I see it. Subjective now now the other half of this equation that will be talking about his generous rand. Her upbringing was far more complicated than Ted's generous his mother. Marie was born to a California farmer and his wife. Maria is acute moody little girl. She did actually join a convent for a year and then decided it wasn't working for her to during World War. Two Marie was a pretty much a party girl. She went out dancing and drinking. Sometimes Nice flighty. Sometimes the slug some family members who were worried that she might be suffering from some mental illness like manic depression but Marie had no desire to seek mental until health. Help Murray's father died just a few years before her mother died of cancer and that left Marie dependent on her older brother. So Marie married a soldier. They had two children but she was negligent. Mother and her children were taken from her and she got divorced she then Mary Clearance Rand. Who is another soldier and this is a few years later? Right submarine clearance had a daughter named Dally but Marie went back to partying while Dolly was still a toddler so oh Dolly was left with family members while Marie would drink and dance and meet new men she met an Italian man named Generoso and had a short lived affair with him mm-hmm in her long beach apartment and after about a week of hooking up Generoso was out of marine life went back to Italy but then she found out that she was pregnant agnete and it wasn't by her husband so Marie wrote to general so and told him about her pregnancy but he never responded so her fourth child who she did give. Her husband's last name was named Jennifer Rosa after her father but Maria didn't take long to return to her partying ways family members didn't call generosity by her given name either because a lot of them knew that this child had been named after this Italian guy they called her gen or Joe she became very close with her older sister. Dolly after Marie began to leave the two home alone to go out and have fun again. So Generoso was four and Allie was seven when they moved to oceanside California with their mother. Their uncle Al was also divorced by then he lived in a ground floor apartment in a three family house that he had purchased. There were tenants on the third floor and Marie and her two daughters were allowed to live on the second floor without paying rent summary even hired in English housekeeper who acted as a baby sitter for her. Two girls in the housekeeper was kind signed to the girls as time went on they really began to prefer the housekeeper to their own mother. But things didn't go well. The childhood just continued to be problematic. Matic Little Generoso was sexually molested as a child by a man who were mother had trusted as a family friend and then the English housekeeper was fired by her. HYUNG-CHOL AL for having men to the House so quite a mess it sure is and it gets messier. Two years after all this Murray felt a lump in her breast within a couple of years she had metastatic breast cancer which had reached her name. Anne Marie died when Generoso is just ten years old so chandelier she and Dolly. Her older sister went to live with her uncle. Al In the meantime he had remarried he lived in an exclusive Laguna Beach neighborhood. Dolly show general. Sir Sir Photo for biologic father. WHO's a sailor named Generoso? Now this is the first time generosity knew that her mother had not been married to her father and she. She resented her mother for lying to her for failing to protect her while sure but they said that from that time forward generoso was a different girl she it was determined to be strong and to be rich. She didn't ever want to have children of her own either. She decided that her mother's death had been a good thing and now she it was free to live a better life. Uncle Al's new wife on March was a smart and financially well off woman generosity admired her her and ended up having kind of special friendship with her March said that she wanted generosity to live with them but the house was really full and there was a a lot of friction between Genera and her cousins Generoso was prone to temper tantrums and she could be very jealous devious and manipulative in her mind. It was her way or no way in Dolly had been a fairly troubled teen also maybe not to the extent that China Rosa's but eventually Dolly was sent to live with her older half sister. Terry Terry's husband and their two kids and Santa Clara California an aunt. Marge had a rich friend who lived in Laguna beach with her husband and their two children. These folks had an eight bedroom house on a horse ranch so jane the woman who was living in house offer to adopt generosity and generous moved in with Jane and the family. She became very good at horseriding more than good actually. She competed shows and she even one ribbons. She also began to do well in school so seems like she's coming out of her Funchal Obita. She seemed to really thrive there. She learned to play the piano. She got braces to fix her teeth and she seemed to have things going pretty well. She had money she. Her loving parents foster parents appearance. Whatever and in a state with their own horace right? So you'd think everything was great and she could be quite charming coming but she was continuing to have a frightening temper big tantrums to whenever anything wasn't going her way and as generous entered late adolescence she had really changed from the sweet girl to a really rebellious troublemaker. In nineteen sixty seven. Jane Call generalises half sister Terry and told her that Generoso was causing trouble with the other. Kids generous was demanding jealous and she just seemed like she could never have enough material possessions. Jane and her husband couldn't controller. They were really tired and kind of desperate to be relieved of her. Terry was well aware of how it felt to be abandoned. She'd had a similar childhood and she felt sympathy for her little sister so she agreed to take her in and and remember Terry was already parenting Dali. Her husband was a high school English teacher. who was very patient and good with the kids? Terry and her husband had two kids of their own two daughters Julian. Amy and their house was pretty comfortable. They had four bedrooms and two baths but it wasn't anything like the estate that generosity was coming from and it wasn't good enough for her. She was really unhappy about being there and became came angry and very resentful. She no longer lived on the estate and she had to leave her horse behind. That really pissed her off. Life wasn't fair to her. She she said and she was just kind of angry at the whole world. When Dolly was eighteen she got her own apartment in San Jose? She moved out of the House the Teri and her husband had Dolly soon became promiscuous and got herself into drugs. terrier also been sexually abused as a child and when Dolly moved out Terry became very depressed and as she sent deeper and deeper into depression. She generosity butted heads almost seemed like generous new. The Terry has some weaknesses and was using against her and then Terry's husband began Genaro says that influence on the younger daughters. They sire getting away with do things and they themselves got into trouble right so this is just difficult. And it ended up being really heartbreaking for Terry who had only wanted to help her sisters sisters but she and her husband finally had decide that they just couldn't handle generosity and terry wasn't feeling well. The house was just kind of getting out of control. They told generous that the situation wasn't working finally and she was given one month's notice to find a new place to live generosity. Orosa cried but Terry promise that they would continue to help her however they could and generosity finally said she understood but you know this was her fourth big rejection. She'd been abandoned by her mother. Her uncle Jane Reagan who owned The estate and now tearing her husband so she was sad but you know really building. This deep seated anger so generous ended up living with another family who were friends with her aunt and this family had two teenage daughters others of their own and they lived in Los Angeles so things are okay at this house for a while. The family found generous to be very creative and pretty talented anted artistically. But she was Moody's Hell.

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