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Impeachment trial: Senate rejects Democrats' calls for early witnesses in late-night debate


If and it was almost two in the morning when the U. S. Senate called it quits Senate is adjourned after a day of partisan battling over the rules for president trump's impeachment trial in Switzerland this morning Mr trump delivered a blistering review they had no case it's all a hoax it's a con job like Jeff he's a corrupt politician CBS to chip Reid says Democrats got a chance to lay out their case as Republicans fought off efforts to subpoena documents we will not permit the American people to hear from the witnesses and they lie and lie and lie and lie closing in on one AM house impeachment manager Jerry Nadler blasted the president's lawyers executive privilege as a shield not a sword it cannot be used to block a witness who is willing to testify it's embarrassing the president's counsel's would talk about this today the defense shot back the only one who should be embarrassed Mister Nadler is you for the way you've addressed this body that exchange drew a rare rebuke from Chief Justice John Roberts I do think those addressing the Senate should remember where they are the call for civility came after thirteen hours of debate president trump complete and total obstruction makes Richard Nixon look like a choirboy the president has done absolutely nothing wrong Democrats say it is crucial to hear from witnesses including former national security adviser John Bolton we are ready to call our witnesses the question is will you let us but the White House council says they had their chance they ask you to do something that they refused to do for themselves and then accuse you of a cover up when you don't do it in the end the Senate's Republican majority blocked all eleven democratic amendments to subpoena White House officials and other agencies for documents and the rules passed with two hand written concessions Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made early on first that each sides opening arguments would be spread over three days instead of two and second the houses evidence would be automatically entered into

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Impeachment trial: Senate rejects Democrats' calls for early witnesses in late-night debate

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