Interview with Oklahoma Sen. James Lankford; Interview with House Impeachment Manager Rep. Zoe Lofgren; Interview with conservative lawyer George Conway; Remembering Jim Lehrer. - burst 12


Crazy and even the with one one lawyer the one law professor who defended the House Republicans position in that before the house. Judiciary Committee said this morning morning. In an OP. Ed in the Washington Post. There's no way you can say that call was perfect and it and it wasn't and we saw that lawyer just do we just ignoring the avenue. Ignoring the call that David Holmes hurled heard in the in the restaurant where between Bill Clinton and Gordon on Donald Trump and Gordon Sahibzada. I'm sorry for Donald Trump and Gordon Sorry and you know where you get here and you can. I can personally attest trump when he's on the phone with somebody sitting booming voice us and he says are they going to do the investigations. That's all he cared about. And then and then and homes asked solid well was the president. You know care about Ukraine. And it's basically he doesn't give a expletive deleted about Ukraine online. said he only cares about the big things the things that affect him personally. And that's what this is about bound. That's what makes this offense.

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