Emotional testimony at the Harvey Weinstein trial


Kim Masters and this is the Hollywood breakdown joining me as Matt Bellamy of the Hollywood reporter and Matt as we are even speaking practically the Harvey Weinstein Trial L. is underway in New York dramatic testimony so far You know this started out with the prosecutors laying out a very graphic description description of the alleged behavior Harvey Weinstein Holding Women Down Raping Them. I mean I saw a tweet about one element of it and I thought jeeze if I show this tweet to people when in the office I could get a call from hr because this is Let's just say the prosecutors were not holding back that was followed by an an alleged rape victim. Annabella skewer who has said that Sometime in ninety three or ninety four a Harvey Weinstein turned up at her apartment in New York. Ah basically pushed his way in and raped her and she described that holding back tears again. Very Emotional I.. We weren't there but just reading about it. This is very emotional testimony You know and she described not only the events that she says occurred that night but you know the aftermath in which she felt that she could not come forward right and she was holding back tears at the time when she testified but this is interesting because they're starting off the trial vile with what is most likely the most important set of witnesses. There are four women that have been allowed to testify as to prior bad acts or character. Type testimony Tony. That show what. The prosecution says is a pattern of behavior of Harvey Weinstein. He does the same thing to multiple women they argue. And thus the Allegations against him for these particular claimants are true that's the strategy and it's honestly it's something that is very effective. It's what made the difference in the bill cosby. The case the prior bad act witnesses were allowed in the second trial of Bill Cosby and there was a conviction they were not allowed in the first trial and there was a hung jury. One the interesting thing about this is that it opens up these character. Witnesses to cross examination by the defense and what we're seeing now is them saying to. NFL excoriate. Did you have a drinking problem. You know did you. Were you drinking the night that this happened where you sued by a landlord all sorts of things that they're throwing at her to try to impugn her character because she's coming forward against Harvey. Yeah I mean that's not a new strategy Women who have accused men have had that kind of thing happen into them for many years. It's the way these things work. According to our legal system and I think it goes to the question of why. Don't women come forward and you you do look get where Harvey was. There was a board member who was on the Board of the Weinstein Company who testified obviously no fan of Harvey's And he talked about the power you know. Oh the power that Harvey had so they were setting the table with. This is the district attorney's Office of of WHO. This person was and why someone like. NFL ESCORA might circle back and try to do business as usual. Not just for the emotional reasons that often happen in cases of alleged assault where women women blame themselves or try to try to suppress that it ever happened or just get back to normal or get but also the actual real world consequences which we are told old Annabella skewer face as a result of Harvey's vindictiveness alleged vindictiveness against some of the women that he had attacked right and that's the big hurdle here for the prosecution is there are our emails and such saying Nice things about Harvey but this is exactly what the prosecution is doing is they're saying okay. This is why this happens and this is why you have to understand it. It certainly sounds like so far very emotional. A very powerful very hard to sit through. Thank you matt thank you. That's Matt editorial director of the Hollywood reporter. He joins me this Monday on the business. I'm Kim Masters and this is the Hollywood breakdown.

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