Essential Oils for Your Pets


Sherry and thank you so much for being here with us today. Are you doing thank you for having me. I am grades. I'm honored to be here again and to be a voice for the pet community. What led you to become? I'm such an advocate for essential oils and pets. Well lackey much no ready. It all started with my own health crisis in twenty ten. When evening I was getting ready for bed brushing my teeth? Washing my face and as I was moisturizing my neck I found a lump and it turned out to be thyroid cancer. Wow I didn't listen into my gut and I opted for surgery and a few weeks after that. I discovered the Gerson therapy which is in organic food in detox therapy tons of juicing Karen apple juice like eight ounces on the hour every hour for eight hours a day wow and I embarked on that protocol for a year could fail because my quality and quantity of life depended on it. Yeah let me tell you. It was a little intense at times. The lifestyle shift happened fast in heart. Four honesty because I quickly realized that the environmental factors in chemical-filled lifestyle contributed to the cancer growth. It doesn't run in my family and Dan. Barry was meant early thirties quite the problem prey so as I learned how to work with the plan that was healing my body I took a look at when it was feeding Rt.. PUGS cussing. Bobby and I realized it could be a lot better. They both were around for years old at the time and having chronic allergies and skin issues news that I just didn't know what to do four so I switched their food from cable to fresh raw meat and you guys their issues closely closely went away so after about a year on the Gerson therapy for me and the raw meat feeding for the pugs they have is just so geeked out over all this great stuff. I was learning how revolver feeling that needed to teach people outfits

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