Catch Gina Carano Live on 'Unfiltered With Dan Bongino' This Weekend


By the way I got Gina Carano on my Fox show this weekend Yeah Jim Gina Carano Big Gina Carano fan Just choose an awesome fighter in the UFC It's gonna be on my Fox show this weekend So that's gonna be pretty awesome unfiltered 9 p.m. Set your DVR if you can't make that line It'll be live in studio In studio up at NYC if they get a little solo trip up there so I don't know what's gonna happen It's a live show Kevin's saying Jim Dan budge in front of a live camera Could be trouble I can't I can't 5 more on Fox Fox nation people are calling up the CEO right I'm going to get step first get him off the Tom kercher billboard card I'm kidding You know the fact check

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